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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I audibly snorted
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  2. Single Feb, Album March?... bring it!
  3. I do hope so once Christmas and New years over we need Kylie to save us from that first Qtr depression.
  4. I need new music.
  5. Same!
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  6. Can’t imagine a better winter with Kylie’s new music (you said it right, it’s the most depressing season of all)
  7. Indeed! New Kylie music, will add some much needed sunshine into our life's. Not too long now though.
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  8. Kylie will attend the Swinging Safari premiere on december 14 in Melbourne, so maybe she will spend Christmas in Australia
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  9. Doesn't she always?

  10. Olivier Yoan was one of the names mentioned that was involved with the new album project. This teasing ass binch.
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  11. Total teases indeed! And loving it.
  12. I need Kylie to come back with a killer album. All this waiting and teasing is driving crazy
  13. Everyone who works with Kylie heaps praise on her (and on her personality), also in passing remarks. Oh I love her, I need to get the Kylie tattoo I have been considering to get for over a year now to help the stars align for her new era.
  14. Sascha's work with Kylie has been phenomenal, exciting.
  15. I really do think this era will be her best for years. The signs and snippets there, are looking good.
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  16. Is Will out of favour this time round? The small amount of work she's done with Sascha has been rather gorgeous.

    Excited for the Olivier Yoan stuff too - nice to see some fresh blood for a change and not Dawn Shadforth wheeled out again.
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  17. The day I first new the new single will be such an epic moment am sure.
  18. It would have been nice if they decided to have a double album - one disc of the Nashville/Nashville inspired tracks and the second disc of the Janet inspired/classic dance pop tracks.
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  19. William Baker has not been involved with anything pertaining to the new era, as of yet, I say this because I have a feeling he'll pop back up around the time the tour begins. He should just stick to the live show aspect of it anyways considering that is where his best work is at.
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  20. He's no longer working with Kylie and will not be involved in this project apparently.