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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. My personal favourite! So catchy.
  2. Oh Secrets is a gem. I only got the album in about 2000 and it was a standout to me then after all the singles.
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  3. Shame about the Sophie Lawrence version though!
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  4. Ink


    I’m so thirsty of her new music

    It’s been 84 years.gif
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  5. Because it's superior to Kylie's version?
  6. Shut your damn mouth.
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  7. Just a bad joke I made.
  8. Secret, also has one of the best SAW stuttering moments ever too.
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  9. There's literally not a bad track on ROL. Like, literally.
  10. Agreed, this album is pop perfection.
  11. Secrets is also further proof of Kylie's magical flair for amazing Track 4s on albums:

    It's No Secret - amazing
    Nothing to Lose - (sorta) amazing
    Finer Feelings - amazing
    Where is the Feeling - amazing
    Did it Again - amazing
    Disco Down - amazing
    Fever - amazing
    Speakerphone - amazing
    Closer - amazing

    (Sadly Body Language and Kiss Me Once let this argument down)
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  12. Good thinking!
  13. "Promises" is fantastic, get out.
  14. I enjoy Promises. But it's not amazing
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  15. It is.
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  16. It's not
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  18. No exclusive tracks. Don't be selfish~
  19. Ray


    Hopefully it doesn't see a return to any sort of exclusive tracks on anything ever!
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