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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Whilst I agree it’s too soon to be discussing the next album, Kylie Christmas (which should really be counted as a full release considering the time put into it) came in 2015, and Golden was originally scheduled for Autumn 2017 (not even thinking of the KC re-release and two EPs in the gaps).

    I don’t think we can definitely say we’ll be waiting four years anymore, especially considering she has an album’s worth of finished material sat around that she’s implied she’ll be revisiting, and she’s genuinely more invested in her music than she has been in years.
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  2. I agree!
  3. She's now her own boss, no more waiting for Carlo Phone to start proceedings.
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  4. Ew.. that man. Get a job, stay away from her
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Yeah I'd say that's decent for her in the US. I'm just hoping the promo next week is more for eventual ticket sales for live dates here, they played it right with Aphrodite doing the same so I've got my fingers crossed. I know they aren't expecting the album to go racing up the charts...
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  7. Unstoppable Queen
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  8. She certainly is!
  9. Has anyone noticed a distorted clipping noise in Live a Little? It's so distracting.
  10. I’d have loved a track by track commentary for this album. She normally does them doesn’t she?
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  11. Yes ,we've had something like this for the past few albums. Would have loved to have had one for Golden ,but hey ho!
  12. Yes and for her to become the first artist to hold a #1 album in five consecutive decades
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  13. Oh my word - that will make me feel OLD
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  14. My cassette walkman thingy arrived today which I ordered just to play my Golden tape and pretend I'm 10 years old again. Listening now in bed. Amazing.
  15. I actually think Sincerely Yours is my 2nd favourite song on Golden behind Falling, it's bloody fantastic.
  16. The only issue I have regarding the production of the album is the weird electronic fart sound at 3:43 on Raining Glitter, when the chorus kicks in again after the bridge. It's so off-putting!
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  17. That's bass sis
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  18. "A Lifetime To Repair" is my favourite for the next single.
    Followed closely by "Shelby '68" and "Radio On".
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  19. Oh the cassette idea is brilliant, i hope more acts do it!
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