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Lady Gaga - Joanne (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. They want this to smash so bad, I love it.
  2. They should discount it everywhere. Let it get the love it deserves.
  3. It still fascinates me that people are so cheap that they jump at a 30 cent discount.
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  4. This is............ old, right? He is........... joking??

    Edit: yeah, this is from a year ago.
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  5. Mmmmm...
  6. I didn't know Francis had worked with Gaga at some point. What came out of that?
  7. What if the song they were rehearsing for is something unreleased / recorded for something else (ie: a rerelease / an EP of sorts...)
  8. He didn't. That photo is from Lykke Li's party last year. They were just having a little jam sesh.
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  9. Ah, makes sense. Thanks.
  10. How did I not notice the little adlibs at the end before today??
  11. Although i enjoy The Cure for what it is i'm probably gonna be a bit disappointed if this doesn't lead into something else (EP or an album). It honestly seems like the perfect song to push her on streaming and on radio making way to something a bit more daring. and i also need her to finally give me Gaga does r'n'b for 45min album.
  12. Maybe she could do something like Kylie's Anti Tour instead? Somehow it seems like the kind of thing that would mesh well with the Joanne era + her career's 10th anniversary + releasing her first movie.
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  13. What leftovers made it onto ARTPOP?
  14. It's not a recent picture or rehearsing / studio session. It's from a party last year
  15. Sorry but anyone have a link to Gagachella in HQ?
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  16. I'm gutted but I've started to go off The Cure a bit... it is just generic!
  17. Gypsy, but I was saying it's the only album she's recorded that she still has songs leftover yet to be released, since there was the whole Act 2 business.

    Well she does like doing unreleased material live, but I don't know if she'd make a whole show out of it. So far it's usually something for superfans that she does.
  18. RJF


    Save the Anti Tour stuff for a decade from now when it truly is only the gays that care.
  19. Here for her Onion Girl (ballad version) then.
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  20. Little Monster: Put RedOne on the album
    Gaga: Lol no
    Little Monster: Welcome to your tape
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