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Lady Gaga - Joanne (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. 'The Cure' is kinda slaying US radio all things considered. Already nearing top forty a week before the official adds. I didn't really believe the whole "Million Reasons is the cure for her damaged relationship with radio" but here we are.
  2. Radio 1 hasn't playlisted her this week , not even C-List.
  3. No.23 on the Official UK chart this week.
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  4. This doesn't surprise me, they shafted Perfect Illusion despite her co-hosting that breakfast show and Million Reasons didn't get playlisted on Radio 1 either
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  5. Why is Radio 1 so awful.
  6. I think the only chance it has of being playlisted on R1 is if it rises next week. If it falls out of the top 40 second week like Perfect Illusion its over.

    At least Capital have playlisted it.
  7. UK radio seems strange. If US radio of all places is giving her a chance why not U.K.? How can you ignore a song like this?
  8. Radio 1 is just trash. Gaga just isn't 'cool' enough for them so they'll just ignore her.

    They'd rather lick Ed and The Chainsmoker's ass
  9. She's not cool enough to be playlisted but they'll have her on when it helps them.
  10. Speaking of the devil.

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  11. This isn't true, an update hasn't even been issued yet so they have no way of knowing if it grew 10%
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  12. Theresa May's Britain.
  13. Also, it shows a flawed understanding of how kworb's ratio works. A song can just as likely increase in percentage to #1 because #1 is slowly down. All figures are in ratio to what the #1 is selling. Jumping .10 often requires some huge kind of shift in one singular update.

    Fans do... the most.
  14. My only fear with The Cure roll out is that if it takes too long for a video to premiere it could hurt the momentum unless radio surprises us all and blows it up. Fingers crossed that she did already shoot a video and that it premieres in the next week or two.
  15. Radio has already been blowing up though. She's gaining 1.5m audience every day without a radio deal when Million Reason was gaining 1-15k per day for about 2 months (i'm literally not even exaggerating)
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  16. I think its too early to say Radio 1 aren't going to support this, they also haven't added Lana or Shawn's new tracks to their playlist, hopefully next week she'll get an add.
  17. I don't think they plan on doing a video.
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  18. It took me like 8 years to hear Million Reasons on the radio. I officially just heard The Cure today. Here comes the smasha!
  19. A good sign indeed! I think I must still have ptsd from the way radio did most of Artpop & Joanne. I'm afraid to get my hopes up for a smash, but good lord she is over due for one. Regardless at least she's blessed us with a flaw free bop. The fact that it's doing well early on radio is easing the pain I feel from A-Yo and Dancin' In Circles being skipped as 4th single. Still I really hope there's a video already shot because if not it will likely be a month before we see one.
  20. [​IMG]
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