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Lady Gaga - Joanne (Grammy-nominated Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. R92


    What a fucking lewk
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  2. Why does it feel like something major is about to happen?
  3. Well she said herself she has things up her sleeve that we don't know about, so who knows ?
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  4. Does my little detective spy glass see "Abbey Road Studios" in that picture?
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  5. ARTPOP is the only album of hers with, like... legitimate finished material sitting around unreleased. Everything else is similar to that "Applause" concept demo, "Stuck On Fucking You", or sometimes material even rougher than that - songs she's never properly recorded/only done live and voice memos

  6. Of course, but that doesn't mean there still aren't hundreds of ideas, lyrics, stems, beats, etc. that would be amazing to hear. I honestly live for some of her trash demos where she's just mumbling words.
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  7. One thing I'd love to hear is alternate versions of the Born This Way album tracks.
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  8. It makes me very sad that we may never hear any of those unreleased artpop songs but at least we know gaga will continue to create masterpieces.
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  9. Come on title track! Let's get GLACIAL.
  10. Give me Text You Pictures and I'll shut the fuck up. God I want that demo.
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  11. Out of Control to make me go out of control
  12. Next November it will be 5 years since ARTPOP was released.
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  13. Changed my life.
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  14. ...OK? This Novermber isn't even here yet.
  15. When you turn 30, you'll understand.
  16. Gaga irrelevant? Gaga, can't connect to the younger generation?

    Miss Joanne is currently tagging and thanking every brand and PR who's gifted to her so Selena Gomez better watch out for the real human billboard!
  17. We have to do a profile on a living celebrity in Feature Writing and some dude is doing Gaga. I'm convinced it's one of you.
  18. I highly doubt @constantino is thinking about 18 years into the future just yet.
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  19. CupcakKe: Double D soon on Netflix