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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. 24th, but stations are already adding it on their own.
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  2. I wonder if she shot a video for The Cure
  3. Finally watching Gagachella in HD. Peace and blessings.
  4. "I've been so excited for this next part of the show... Because I've been trying to keep it a secret for so lawwwwwng."

    She's so goofy and happy, I can't
  5. Fear not, sisters, brothers and useless users: Psycho's Truth Tea Stand, brought to you by Unilever and Barilla, is here to save this thread with fresh, juicy, ice-cold, fucking reinvigorating, super exclusive exclusive news.

    I can reveal that The Cure will indeed be followed by a full EP, which is set to contain songs for two-thirds and untangible experiences for one-third. These are some of the titles that will appear in the yet unnamed release.

    Composed by Holly Herndon from an idea that came to Gaga in a dream she had while taking a nap after a particularly rich Sunday lunch at Joanne Trattoria, Asia is a sonic collage of glitches and blips digitally manipulated from Asia's panting during sleep. Gaga's operatic interpretation of the theme from Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence juxtaposed to the fragmentary canine soundscape adds warmth and soul to this alienating experiment in animal/machine interaction. It is similar to Kate Bush's Aerial, except completely different. The song does have a brief intermezzo in which Gaga and Asia respond to each other's howling though, like Kate when she pisses herself laughing at that poor bird singing (shame on you, Kate, you're awful), and it is extremely touching.

    Produced by Kygo and Nick Monson in collaboration with former president of Haiti Sweet Micky, Jeanne is a summery tropical number that takes its cue from Grace Jones in 1982 and the Wikipedia page on Antillean zouk. It was conceived as a subtle post-colonial critique to the current trend of white artists diluting and "orienting" Caribbean music to provide Western audiences with bland songs to go with their piña coladas and prescription drugs. Gaga does so through the figure of Jeanne Duval, Baudelaire's infamous Creole lover who came to embody the trope of the voluptuous and dangerous woman of colour despite her fair skin and European heritage. "Girl, where do you think you come from?", Gaga repeats over a breezy, bouncy melody lifted straight from Why by secret alien overlord Carly Simon. The opening line "My name is Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak but your dad calls me GAGA" is already iconic and lifted from nothing in particular.

    Written as a rural sweet-natured companion to Donatella, Simon is a modern pastoral dedicated to the work of Simon Porte Jacquemus. An ode to lavender fields, geometry, lovers separating at dawn, the colour blue and ratatouille, it mixes with sheer mastery and a contagious sense of fun 12th-century troubadour poetry and 80s Roland synthetizers. Think of New Order but as farmers from the Vaucluse six weeks into their big move to Marseille. It features vocal harmonies by Occitan poliphonists Lo Còr de la Plana, which will be tuned to a frequence not audible to the human ear in the final mix of the song. Additional beat programming by DJ White Shadow.

    I know you're thinking this song must surely be about television actor from awful dramas only Americans watch Taylor Kinney. You are wrong. The Taylor in question is much hotter, and most importantly, long dead. A sparse electronic midtempo that echoes both Slow by ex Colombian drug mule Kylie Minogue and the quieter moments on Suicide's sophomore record, Taylor sees a breathy Gaga secretly masturbating in the National Gallery while sitting in front of Giovan Battista Moroni's masterpiece The Tailor. No Korean tourist noticed, she says, but I wouldn't be so sure.
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  6. RJF


    This feels like a watershed moment.
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  7. Not when I was just about to post the same information that I received via pigeon carrier
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  8. Nooooooooooooooo.
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  9. The cure is the best song she has released since the Born This Way Era. It's nice to hear her singing like this and not trying to make her voice sound rough/deeper.

    I hope this is a direction in sound she takes for her next album.
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  10. I mean that's what her natural voice sounds like, but werk I guess.
  11. Discounted in the UK. Wonder if it'll follow in the US.
  12. They want this to smash so bad, I love it.
  13. They should discount it everywhere. Let it get the love it deserves.
  14. It still fascinates me that people are so cheap that they jump at a 30 cent discount.
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  15. This is............ old, right? He is........... joking??

    Edit: yeah, this is from a year ago.
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  16. Mmmmm...
  17. I didn't know Francis had worked with Gaga at some point. What came out of that?
  18. What if the song they were rehearsing for is something unreleased / recorded for something else (ie: a rerelease / an EP of sorts...)
  19. He didn't. That photo is from Lykke Li's party last year. They were just having a little jam sesh.
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  20. Ah, makes sense. Thanks.