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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Cotton Eyed Hoe, if you will
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  2. cant believe million reasons is going to be 1 year tomorrow or friday.
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  3. Million Reasons getting a Grammy would be the most perfect end to one of the most fantastic eras she's had so far. And a performance at the Grammy's would be a dream - the title track perhaps?
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  4. I really wish she'd done more with Diamond Heart. That hippie-flavored organ sneaking over the horizon. Those rough, sublime vocals stepping into the spotlight. The hopscotch fancy of the anxious drums and the flattering bass. That evocative lyricism awash with forlorn memories and intense desperation. The way she guides herself outside of that middle-eight as if flying over a cliff at 120 mph. What a masterful, colossal trip. Probably one of her best.
  5. Ready for its “buckle up and marry the night” moment
  6. This sounds like a you problem.

    Kii love ya x
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  7. photo from applause interlude

  8. If she performs at the Grammy I think she'll introduce music from ASIB. I mean the movie is coming in May, I could definitely see her releasing some music from the soundtrack to promote the project. before the movie is out. The Grammy Awards seems to be a great occasion
    I would be fine with a Joanne song too, I mean she hasn't performed any of her own music there since 2011..
  9. LP


    I thought the film was due out Sept/Oct? Have things changed?
  10. It was pushed forward to May! They trust that it's a good idea to counter-program it with all the Summer blockbusters.
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  11. My Joanne hat has shipped.

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  12. It's Sonja's birthday

  13. Great new merch for the tour.
  14. I almost can't wait to bump Come To Mama in the midst of Nat King Cole and Destiny's Child this Christmas season.
  15. What tour?
  16. She looks happy.
  17. Her love and obsession for creating music is rather inspiring. It's a shame that we don't get to experience most of the stuff she comes up with since I'm sure there are hundreds and hundreds of songs. Dedicated queen.
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  18. Exactly, sometimes I wish she could release music as soon as she makes it. I know that she is far more prolific and productive than the corporate powers of Pop have allowed her to be.
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  19. RJF


    ...Eh, I think in general she's been pretty tight at self-editing, at least when it comes to the music. I think you would be surprised at just how little of what she creates gets anywhere close to a finished song. She seems rather... economical in the studio. I'm pretty sure there's very little in terms of full discarded songs, at least from Born This Way onwards.
  20. R92


    What a fucking lewk
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