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Lady Gaga - The Joanne World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. I pray this isn't the last time she performs them... but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. At least we'll have the DVD/stream/whatever she plans to do with the show she shot.
  3. Is this the gig that was filmed at Birmingham? I can't see that getting released.
  4. It is, why do you think that? Is it because of the stage breakdowns?
  5. I read that night she was in pain and it showed on stage, I just think she won't want fans to see her this way, this if it shows on camera.
  6. Literally everyone has said it didn’t show on-stage. And that just shows how much of a professional she is. I’ve heard the mood backstage was very sombre and sad however, and both The Monster Ball and artRave releases had backstage elements right? So who knows.

    I hope it does see release, because it was a fucking phenomenal show and it deserves to be immortalised in film.
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  7. Not sure where you read that but as I've said many times when recounting my experience there was absolutely no way anyone would know she was in pain that tonight. Not with that standard of stage show she put on. She was 100% on and then some.
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  8. When was Artrave released and where can I can buy it? Urgently.
  9. LP


    I think you can only stream it now.

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  11. Echoing everyone's statements here, you couldn't tell at all that she was suffering in anyway. She was 18/10.
  12. yeah alot of people said she was a complete pro on the final two nights and didn't show she was in pain, hopefully we get a DVD/blu-ray release (and the angles aren't a mess like the artRAVE stream)
  13. As someone whose show date got cancelled, I would really appreciate a professional release. It's the least they can do for the fans who never got to see the show really.
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  14. I think the performance I’m most guttted about not seeing on the tour is Dancin in Circles.

    I mean how can you not love every single second of that ? The choreography is amazing as well. Brilliant song that will probably never be performed again.

    Me in my room right now listening to it with a drink.

  15. This was a highlight of the whole show to be honest. I love when a song takes you by surprise.
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