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Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. I've enjoyed every Lana and The Weeknd collaboration, but this one definitely takes the cake. Their voices are incredible together.
  2. I just don't appreciate this kind of softness in The Weeknd's voice. It is unpleasant to me. Where Lana sounds majestic and wistful, he sounds detached and technical to me. I only know him from a couple collaborations and believe he sounded better in those.
  3. I really don't care for The Weeknd but his voice blends really well with Lana on the title track. Definitely serving me Without You chai's.
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  4. Not a huge The Weekend fan but his vocals really make the track stick. This is a great song, but I still prefer Love. It's just a little prettier.
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  5. Very WASP, very Slim Aarons, very summer vacation in Newport. An anthem for trust-fund girls in resorts where the sky's always blue and palm trees sway.
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  6. We already have @imperialsteroid
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  8. I'm honestly surprised about the amount of indifference/negativity towards the The Weekend over here.
  9. Suggesting this song would be better as a Lana solo is absolutely ridiculous.
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  10. Pop Justice doesn't really do male artists, so I'm not that surprised.
  11. If The Weeknd gets a 6 pack and does a photoshoot in his underwear grabbing his junk then he'll get some attention here.
  12. Or it just boils down to not enjoying his music? I enjoyed Trilogy but everything since hasn't replicated the greatness of those three albums together.
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  13. Oh yeah, that's right because...........
  14. Dare I say that it's sort of evident that the verses got turned into the pre-chorus? It's still a really good song and for me the best part about it (in addition to Lana/Abe's chemistry) is the production, it's the first time I've noticed the production in a Lana track for a long time. Kind of an updated BTD-album vibe really. Love still holds the no1 place for me tho, that melody remains impeccable.
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  15. Just found out Honeymoon got a cassette release. She's dedicated I tell you.
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  16. Supposedly that will never happen. I read somewhere that he has no nipples, and that's why he has never done anything shirtless. I forget where I read this now, but, apparently he is rather self-conscious about it all.
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  17. I'm sure he could get that without the 6 pack.
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  18. This is my favorite post.
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  19. Their voices are lush together. I need a collaborative album from them in the future.
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