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Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. I agree. Ride is just majestic and will never be topped but... who cares as long as she gives us other bops.
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  2. I love X-Factor era Rylan.
  3. theincredibleflipflopper
  4. Does anybody here love the Lucky Ones Demo version too? It packs a bigger punch than the album version.

  5. Lust For Life enters Spotify UK at #50 right away!
    #49 in the US.
  6. I wondered why Lust For Life is so great but I've found the reason: Max Martin co-wrote it. What an amazing track.
  7. But did he really?
  8. iTunes & Wikipedia tells me so:
  9. He got a composition credit for consulting on the track. Lana has already said the song was already written when she showed it to him:

  10. Max is a genius of course, but I'd hardly say he's the reason it's a great song.
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  11. Of course he isn't. Moving a section of song that has already been written is not particularly innovative.
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  12. He's just part of it. Who knows how the song was before his involvement. I never wanted to discredit Lana just say what a great combination they make (as seen before with Send My Love).
  13. I don't know why she didn't just email him the track though.

    Imagine flying yourself to Sweden just so Max Martin could say "make this the chorus" and then turning around and going home. I mean, I'd do the same, but it's still very extra.
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  14. Really?
  15. Because her shit leaks all the time. I'd be cautious too if I was an artist who had songs leak every other day.
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  16. OK I REALIZE THE LEAK THING. But flying to sweden is a lot! Make a new fucking AOL account if you have to.
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  17. I think it just isn't a big deal for her at all to be honest.
  18. True. I mean, I have $200 to my name so maybe this seems more wild to me.
  19. Nn I know. But celebrities function differently when it comes to travel.
  20. I'm pretty sure she was in London at the time she flew to Sweden