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Laura Marling, General Discussion | LUMP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Coming for that Best British Group nod at the BRITs.
  2. That's the closest she's ever got to a bop and I'm here for it.
  3. I felt nothing which is unusual as I love her.

    Also why give it a horrible band name when she’s just worked with a different producer.

    Rough Trade says an album is coming later this year.
  4. What in the iamamiwhoami is going on here
  5. My lovely lady LUMP, check it out!
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  6. The song is just okay but the video is ICONIC. LOVE.
  7. Wow, love the song and the video, quite a different sound for Laura.
  8. I thought the song was fantastic! Give it more listens sheeple.
  9. I love Laura Marling and I still spin her albums very frequently, "Soothing" remains a Masterpiece I can't get enough of. However, she's never released a song that's been particularly catchy to me, but I can't get "Curse of The Contemporary" out of my head, I love that she's always taking new directions yet remains this very high standard. Vocals are absolutely out of this world.

    It's interesting that some people didn't like her latest albums, I am actually not too much a fan of her first two records, she really got me with "A Creature I Don't Know". "Short Movie" - while not the best record for many - is actually my favourite album (although I love each one of the last 4) due to its slight psychedelic vibe.
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  10. The song has really grown on me and I abuse it every day. Really curious about the rest of the album. Since it's only 6-7 tracks I assume it's actually an ep?
  11. I'm not on top of this, but Rough Trade gives you two extra songs:

    "Rough Trade exclusive with a bonus CD featuring 2 brand new extra songs and a remix of the track Hand Hold Hero by Wrangler (Stephen Malinder from Cabaret Voltaire)."
  12. Well. That's a little ridiculous.
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  13. She’s never released anything close to a poor record of course. I was a STAN of the first two, enjoyed the third but I think life got in the way slightly so it took Eagle for me to come back on board. While I think that’s an impeccable record, I rarely listen all the way through. Short Movie I essentially skipped and had to rediscover and I was totally on board again with Semper Femina (and think it’s the tightest thing she’s done since I Speak...!). Again, everything is high quality, it’s just personal.
  14. They KNOW that I loved you
    But they'll never know why!
    They KNOW that I loved you
    But they'll never know why!
    It's kicking off...
    It's a short fucking movie, man!
    It's a short fucking movie, man!
    It's a short fucking movie, man!
    I know
    I won't try and take it slow.

    One of the greatest song crescendos ever in a career filled with moments of pure, devastating emotional acurity and musical outbursts of unbridled angst.

    Ugh, her mind.