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Leona Lewis - 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DMDR, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Hope this isn't too early, Leona has been hard at work in the studio for the past year or so and it looks like things now aren't that far away from starting. She has stated multiple times she wants music out this year and then today a reliable poster tweeted this,

    Then also today Leona posted on snapchat a video captioned 'Shoot Time' followed by her manager revealing on Instagram the photographer to be Mike Rosenthal.

    List of producers/writers we know she has worked with.

    Mick Schultz
    Walert Afanasieff
    Jermaine Dupri
    Diane Warren
    Jake Gosling
    Mac & Phil
    Lauren Aquilina
    Chris Leonard
    Brandon Butner
    Joey Ryan
    Aleena Gibson
    Life Of Dillon

    She has also worked with Kygo and Alesso, but we don't know if those were for her own album or something of theirs.

    There is also another one she teased about a week or so ago on twitter.

    I personally am hoping for a more R&B leaning sound.
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  2. I love Leona and her music but she takes too long breaks in between each album and that's been a problem in her career.
  3. And she's constantly hitting the reboot button but never actually doing anything interesting with her sound.
  4. I'm still always perched to see what she comes out with simply because she's such a talent.
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  5. Yeah I am going into this with zero expectations of success, its just not likely, I just want a solid album from her.
  6. What's her manager's account?
    Or who is in charge of managing her career now?
  7. Bruce Eskowitz and Nicola Carson, I think Nicola is Leona's main manager though and she was Leona's manager for Spirit/Echo. Though she has long since left Modest and now works at Red Light Management. Her Instagram is colacarson.
  8. I lost a huge amount of interest in Leona after her last album. It was just so beige and insipid. Shame cos Glassheart was an absolute triumph. Hopefully there'll be a bit more quality control this time round.
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  9. What version of Bleeding Love is that at the end of that YouTube vid
  10. Ready for the horsified version of the Born This Way cover.
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    But like I am seriously excited for new Leona.
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  12. Such a cute family portrait

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  13. I've been a huge Leona fan since 2008, got the albums, went to the tours etc. But it's been really hard to stay invested in her in the last few years because I feel she's so old fashioned with her approach to music, and then the music quality has been slowly declining too.

    She still does the thing where she'll disappear for a couple of years to make an album and will barely give us anything to go off. No hints, no real idea when we can expect music or what it will sound like. In the current musical climate, artists like Leona need to always be putting stuff out there. Even if she just put out a single or two whilst working on her album, or a small EP.

    Only the real huge artists can take long breaks to work on albums, and even that is a risk as we've seen with Katy Perry's recent comeback.
    I'm still intrigued as to what she'll put out and I will support it, but I'm definitely a lot less invested this time round.
  14. About time.

    Fave Leona songs :

    1. Bleeding Love
    2. Whatever it takes
    3. Take a bow
    4. Brave
    5. Outta my head
    6. Alive
    7. Stone hearts & hand grenades
    8. Fly here now (LOVE this so much)
    9. Trouble
    10. Come alive
    11. I to You
    12. Glass heart
    13. Favorite scar
    14. Fingerprints
    15. Collide
    16. I see you
    17. Ladders
    18. Essence of me
    19. Power
    20. You knew me when

    That would be like my perfect Leona album, also love the unreleased song "Stay" as well.

    Really excited for her next album and seeing what she can offer.
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  15. I wonder which surefire hits she has snubbed this era. I'm excited for her working with Walter Afanasieff though.
  16. Long breaks are fine providing you come back with a really good album, that's been proven time and again no matter what state your career is in. Look at Solange, A Seat at the Table has changed the course of her career forever after the critical acclaim which in itself led to it ascending to number 1.

    If James Arthur can rise from the dead and be embraced all over again by mainstream radio, Leona deserves it ten times over. Just put out a decent single for once.
  17. It's an alternate ending version, I don't believe it has properly leaked yet just shared amongst some fans.
  18. I've always wanted the Brits version to leak. The ending to that is amazing. They could've put it on the deluxe version of Spirit!
  19. Imagine if she just shocked us all and came back with a R&B/soul record infused with disco pop, and a totally new look. Imagine she came back all Diana Ross'd.

    I sound like I'm wishing away who she is, but I just think it would be cool if she did something really outside the box.
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