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Liam Payne - Debut album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MarlonBrando86, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. I like the pre-chorus... kinda, but that's it. And I'm the person who usually eats up this kind of music.
  2. I listened again this morning, because god knows I'm nothing if not forgiving. It's still so bad it feels vindictive. Like he resents his audience.
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  3. I feel like Strip That Down isn't bad enough for me to stan ironically. I wish it were messier. As it is, it's kinda boring.
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  4. Why is Ed all over the chorus. This is so boring.
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  5. I can't stop laughing after listening to Strip That Down. It's hilarious.
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  6. I keep forgetting that he's someone's dad.
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  7. Hopefully the child does too.
  8. Yaassss erase the mental health struggles of a man of color to defend a homophobic appropriative basic white man yaaass.
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  9. This is soooo, cringe inducing. Do you have to be drunk to enjoy this?
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  10. Good thing his name's Bear and not Elephant!

    Oh my god I am heartily sorry for having offended thee.
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  11. The music is listless and dated, the lyrics are poor and the vocal has no character. It's not a good effort at all.
  12. This is album filler at best. Why did he think this was the best choice for her debut single as a solo artist?

    So far Zayn is the only I am rooting for.
  13. But I'm going to need a Jessie J duet on one of their albums. This is too perfect; I never thought we'd find another muse like TUC.
  14. If this doesn't immediately get demoted to Buzz Track status, I don't understand anything.
  15. I kinda like the minimal Fancy beat. Hmmm.
  16. Niall won. Coming at you like a Dark Horse little Irish.
  17. I don't think this is THAT bad but I kinda love that everyone is saying how rubbish a song written by Ed Sheeran is. It's like the gypsy curse he's put on everyone is slowly starting to lift.
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  18. I couldn't listen to the whole thing. I just felt too embarrassed for him, it's not the worst thing ever but the lyrics were making me cringe.
  19. *unlikes*
  20. I couldn't get through the whole thing. The Stench of Sheeran™ was too strong.