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Linkin Park - One More Light (new album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IceflamePhoenix, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. So, Linkin Park (NO WAIT COME BACK) have gone pop/R&B. Curveball.

    Shades of Savage Garden.
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  2. That awkward moment when the songwriters of the new LP single are the same ones that wrote Bieber's Sorry...
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  3. How lovely. Perhaps they will run into a tropical house ditty next?
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  4. I clicked on it on spotify this morning, expecting a bit of rock, which I can be partial too, and got this! Nice enough I suppose, but a new Linkin Park single?!?
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  5. Very good.
  6. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    So I've had an unwavering dislike of Kiiara because that affected singing style is just the worst but she's actually singing on this one and sounds vaguely like an Irish folk singer on the chorus which weirdly ticked a box for me and the whole thing works rather well.
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  7. I like I think. But..Chester Bennington has one of the best voices in rock music. Why does he sound so shit and weak on this?
  8. I really like this honestly. Wasn't expecting too, and seeing Kiiara next to the words Linkin Park was weird, but yes, a pretty little pop song.
  9. Sounds amazing I love it. Hopefully the album will have some of their usual sounds on it as well though.
  10. I... really like it.
  11. I'm ready for their Linkinade.

    My daddy trailer park
    My momma benefit frauder
    You put that Ku Klux with that whitey get a 00s icon
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  12. kal


    This is terrible. Chester sounds weak when he's not screeching over nu metal guitars and I'm not having any of this.
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  13. I hate that this isn't atrocious.
  14. She sounds exactly like Selena Gomez. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to arrange something with her and she turned it down and they told Kiiara what the briefing was.
  15. It's probably just Kiiara mimicking Julia Michael's demo. In the same way Selena's Julia-penned songs have Selena immitating her delivery.
  16. The best part of this is the meltdowns all the Linkin Park fans are heaving. I was called a 'faggot' on facebook for telling them to let go of their teenage angst kii.

    I'm hopeful for this album, after the atrocious last 2. A Thousand Suns remains INCREDIBLE.
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  17. I love the new album. It's their most pop sounding album they have released.
  18. I am in tears and so confused.