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Little Dragon, General Discussion | feat. Faith Evans

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Surprise.

    A Valentine's Day single, completely out of nowhere. The video's unlisted and there's nothing on their social media so there hasn't been any kind of announcement just yet, but an album is apparently coming.

    Oh yeah, and they're playing Coachella in April. There's tickets for a small US tour over on their website:

    edit: noooooooo aaah
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  2. Great! I loved their last album.
  3. How amazing "Paris" is? One of my favorite tracks of 2014. Digging the new single.
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  4. Yes! Klap Klap as well. Always excited to hear new music from these guys.
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  5. I feel like a terrible fan for missing the last album cycle. Let me get down to it.
  6. Don't forget about 'Let Go'! Anyway, High is lovely, giving me low-key Sade vibes.
    Excited for a full new album.
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  7. Super excited they're back. 'High' is pretty, I'm just going to go ahead and assume the album will be excellent. They don't ever disappoint.
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  8. Annie Mac is currently holding their new single hostage in her awful unembedable player (over here), it's called "Sweet" and it's funky as shit, the album title has also been revealed and it is

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  9. High is already that chill jam for me but Sweet is very instant, looks like another album I'll love.
  10. BOP.
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  11. The video for Sweet has just been revealed too:

    It's nice! Very excited about this album now.
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  12. Living for the DIY vaporware Janet Jackson (@Andy French) aesthetics.

    The full album details are also out, here we go:


    1. Celebrate (feat. Agge)
    2. High
    3. The Pop Life
    4. Sweet
    5. Butterflies
    6. Should I
    7. Don’t Cry
    8. Strobe Light
    9. Push
    10. Gravity
    And the release date is April 14!
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  13. I'm hyped.
  14. Drummer, et tu!? During next album compaign bassist will grow beard and then they'll have to disband
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  16. Stereogum's Album of The Week
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  17. Celebrate is amazing. They're really knocking it out of the park with the releases from this album so far.
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  18. Last time I saw them live, I wasn't expecting them to be such a 'jam' band. I guess this reflects in the new materials so far.
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  20. This was me when I saw them too a few years ago. I was expecting a pretty laidback affair but everyone was dancing and bopping, for better or worse.

    Excited to listen to this later.