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Little Mix - Glory Days & Reggaeton Lento Remix

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. I don't mind Stormzy, but I don't think Power needed a feature.
    Anyway, hopefully it'll be good
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  2. WELP

    everyone unbookmark me immediately I didn't know it had a feature.

    I can't read suddenly.
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  3. Oh my god, I didn't even see the tweets becase my work blocks twitter stuff, but I just saw a screencap of them announcing and THEY LOOK FUCKING INCREDIBLE WHY DIDN'T YALL SAY THAT BEFORE
  4. A Stormzy feat????? That I'm here for.
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  5. They really look fantastic, don't they? I love how good the four of them look
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  6. There's a preview of the feature in the iMessage video by the way.
  7. So they were reshooting the video with Stormzy then...
    hopefully the AAA girls concept is still there
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  8. I want the video ugh!!
  9. What happened to all the people who said that Power needed a rap feature to off-set Perrie's intro? Stormzy's a fucking steal.
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  10. I've said it before but they should have put Stormzy on No More Sad songs instead of that nobody, it would have been a much bigger hit, and then left Power featureless.
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  11. I was ready to agree with you... but No More was never going to be a club smash like Power can be. So perhaps it was for the best anyway.
  12. They were probably just shooting his part... SURELY they can't fuck this up for a 3rd time?

    I didn't realise until know they hired exactly the AAA girls. I wonder if there is something more to it
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  13. They don't seem excited at all about the feature.
  14. I'm not excited about the Stormzy feature at all.
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  15. If they get rid of the whole middle 8 for Stormzy I will not be happy, I love the MOTORBIKE part into the breakdown of the chorus.
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  16. This was already worth the feature.
  17. screaming
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  18. Boo I don't like Stormzy or Power. Private Show is the far superior potential single.
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  19. Marry me @Stormzy