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Little Mix - Glory Days & Reggaeton Lento Remix

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. I was excited about a collaboration with Stormzy...until I found out it was this song. I know it will give it a better chance of success but I'm slightly bitter that they're messing with perfection.
  2. To be honest I'm happy with this. He's their best feature so far and he's huge in the UK, it will secure a good chart position.
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  3. RJF


    Stormzy is great. Proper success story, vocal about mental health awareness, and clearly open to a pop collaboration. His album is great too.
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  4. If they have to feature a rapper, he's pretty much the ideal. I love that he's actually likeable and has a sense of humour.
  5. I thought an Ari fan would have more taste than this, Stormzy isn't MGK.
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  6. Why does every song need to have a feature these days?
  7. I think they wanted to secure a top ten hit. Stormzy is really big right now and they probably won't be doing much promo, so...
  8. I hope they perform Power on Sunday! And I'll be there to witness its first live performance!
  9. I'm guessing they're releasing it now to fit in a BGT final/semi final performance? It seems a bit fast otherwise.
  10. I'm not mad about this at all actually. Unlike the last 2, it's actually a great choice of feature, and will more than likely help the song.

    Not to mention he seems to be a stan, so yas.
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  11. I'm really glad Power is the next single, the perfect choice!
    Stormzy could be interesting on the track, but I just hope they don't cut anything decent out this time.
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  12. I'm here for Stormzy, if this was going to have a feature that's about as well as they could do.

    The biggest problem in this run is really the tacked on Kid Ink feature on Touch (I mean MGK is MGK but at least he showed up), and it's easy to pretend that doesn't exist.
  13. Also Brits fave, not a cunt/problematic, and British.
    Great choice.
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  14. I'm so excited to see what the show looks like on Sunday, purely just to see some live performances of songs we haven't seen performed before.
  15. Also, bae:

    Time for them to have a handsome Ft.
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  16. This'll be fun. They should have skipped over MGK and just done Sad Songs solo though.
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  17. I googled him and it says he's 23!? Like what the fuck!? He looks about 30. He is quite hot though.
  18. It's funny because he's definitely attractive but he also has these hilarious facial expressions which make me laugh for no apparent reason. I'm looking forward to seeing him in the video as the entertainment value will surely be high, even if the video itself is crap.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. He doesn't look 23 though c'mon now.