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Little Mix - Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by PopCrushed, May 24, 2016.

  1. Considering I thought we'd get Oops, the singles run from Glory Days has been amazing.
  2. I love Jade's look! It looks like the queens got their hands on her and gave her a makeover.

    However, I'm hoping when they were filming in the leather and latex outfits the other week that they were filming additional scenes because Perrie and Jade's outfits look too girly and summery for Power.
  3. Hopefully not another video where they spoil all the looks before it comes out
  4. I hate Modest and their big announcements. I want the video next Friday too.
  5. I know that we've known for a while that "Power" was the next single, but them confirming it has me very excited. "Power" is such a bop.
  6. Hope y'all bookmarked me when I told y'all it was going flop
  7. I mean.. what exactly did you expect? They already have 2 tours announced, there is no posible thing it could be besides the 4th single. A TV show/movie would be perfect but they would want to include Glory Days Tour backstage footage on it so it wouldn't be announced so soon anyway.
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  8. pretendstobeshocked.gif
  9. Has a documentary been confirmed? Would be amazing to see.
  10. Power ft Stormzy

  11. No but we can dream! There was an article last year though implying there should be one happening soon but who knows
  12. They should post all their group chats!
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  13. I'd prefer no feature, but Stormzy will secure it's a hit for them. It could even peak top 10 in week 1, sorry @munro sis
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  14. Hm I was hoping the Stormzy feature wasn't for Power, but ok...get that hit.
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  15. Uhhh
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  16. I don't mind Stormzy, but I don't think Power needed a feature.
    Anyway, hopefully it'll be good
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  17. WELP

    everyone unbookmark me immediately I didn't know it had a feature.

    I can't read suddenly.
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  18. Oh my god, I didn't even see the tweets becase my work blocks twitter stuff, but I just saw a screencap of them announcing and THEY LOOK FUCKING INCREDIBLE WHY DIDN'T YALL SAY THAT BEFORE