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Little things that made you happy today

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Learning the bridge piano from Green Light and almost nailing Million Reasons, yath
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  2. I passed a class I was so damn afraid of failing. *crying happy tears*
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  3. I bought myself a plush talking BB8.
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  4. Today was the first time I cut my own hair. It's kind of like a bowl cut, but I love it.
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  5. I hosted my second sold out show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern last night, a show that I helped to produce as well so I'm feeling pretty damn pleased with myself today.
  6. The way Bianca on EastEnders pronounces 'nothing' as 'nuffink'.
  7. I fancy the guy in Costa something rotten and he said hello to me today and I think I blushed.
  8. The guy who served me in Subway was named Redwan, which I noticed just as Hair was playing away on shuffle. I failed to hide my smile.
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  9. Iconic.

    I love it when gifs go viral with the PG, suburban, family crowd. Drag ha, Susan!

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  10. Discovered a little shop in a village near me does the best home made pasties ever AND they are all vegetarian AND you can buy them frozen to cook at home (I have one cooking now) They do a range of about 5 types, my fave is 'The Pennine' which is one seriously tasty pasty I can tell you. No more horrid cheese and onion ginsters (ewww) or gregs (bleuurch) for me! As you can probably tell pasties (good ones) are one of my favorite things so this is a result!
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    I'm going to see Susanne Sundfør perform in Edinburgh and didn't feel like taking the last train back to Dundee.
  12. I've never heard of her but I'm in Edinburgh a lot is she good live?
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  13. Spent a part of my rent money on Britney tickets today.
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  14. My mum treated me lunch.
  15. kal



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  16. Tuna and egg rice. What a combo.
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  17. Someone brought in apple tarts.

    It's not such a terrible Monday now.
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  18. There's this amazing tea place by my college and I go there almost every day. It's so good.
  19. Scored tickets to see Lily Allen, as well as Luke Bryan & Sam Hunt, with no trouble. And was able to score free tickets to Universal Studios next week for the boyfriend and his friends, for which he was very grasteful.
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