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Little things that made you happy today

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. The beachfront games cafe had a proper retro Pac Man game. Fucking PAC MAN. I fan-girled out over Pac Man.

    Also won a round of Cluedo while eating onion rings. Mustard/Kitchen/Candlestick. Fuck yeah.
  2. That it's a nice, beautiful Sunday.
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  3. I work at Starbucks. A man gave me a fake $100 bill, though he switched it out, once I started examining it, with a real $20 (we've been having a huge problem with counterfeit in the area). I called the police while we held his food and told him there was a 'long line' and we 'burnt it the first time so we're making him better ones'. Police arrived and they couldn't take him in for various reasons, but we also identified his car and his girlfriend was inside, she had a warrant out so they arrested her & I taught the cop a new way of identifying fake bills he didn't know.

  4. Remembering I'm off Saturday and Sunday this week then I have a weeks holiday next week. YASS.
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  5. Rediscovering how much I like this song.

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  6. This came on shuffle.
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  7. I got accepted into the exchange program I applied for.
  8. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    My friend asked me to be godfather to her baby! I'm buzzing a bitsy eeeep.
  9. I'm glad you're happy about it, but this is my idea of hell.
  10. Finally finished the outline for my book
    Yass ._.
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  11. Sunblock that's not sticky.
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  12. I won 200 at Bingo tonight on the last game. It would have been 400 but another person won as well.
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  14. Trailer for The Darkest Minds comes on in cinema:

    Voiceover: "When there are no more children..."
    Man behind: "YAY!!!"
  15. Oh my god
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  16. Told my boss that I'm done with working here and that I'm off to work in a more creative studio environment rather than being yet another desk in an chronically boring office space, right before I visit my best friend in NYC for a week starting tomorrow. Smiling from ear to ear!
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  17. Eye-candy who left for a new job in December has come crawling back and sits closer to me now. Yay.
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  18. I bought the ticket to see Björk, yas
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  19. After being put in the list back in July 2017 my Atomic Kitten rate finally opens tomorrow!
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  20. I got to take an iconic picture for Instagram today.

    That no one will see for another four months but whatever
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