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Little things that made you happy today

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. olivia hye telling me to love myself today
  2. After six months of hell, I have finished the first draft of my first book. It's only 60 pages long, but I am so proud of it, I can't believe that I've finally done it and it inspired me to move on to other projects in this direction.
    It's a huge milestone for me.
  3. Taking time off work to just lay around in the sun doing absolutely nothing and listening to music.

    It felt... freeing.
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  4. kal


    Just finished my last exam for this semester and I can finally start enjoying the summer by staying home and binging Netflix.
  5. I got extra sleep just in time for the weekend grind!
  6. I finally got accepted into a uni for next year! After my anxiety got in the way of applying elsewhere I have been accepted to carry on studying where I am and I'm actually very excited about it!
  7. I didn't eat too much today which should help me maintaining my sexy body.
  8. It's not even 2pm yet, give it time.

  9. I had an 8" like three hours ago. It was quick but good!
  10. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    that's called a growth spurt!
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  11. Sincerely thought this was about eating Subway.
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  12. I went to a genial standup show today called “I Hope I Die Before I’m Old Enough to Vote Conservative”.

    Title tells it all but the statistic that we become less tolerant the older we get was intriguing, and he explained it all in a really amazing and hilarious way - that the ideals we have when we are young are really what we should strive to keep hold of as we age, and that the old would be better off listening to the young rather than moaning about them.

    I actually credit this forum with upholding that attribute, so thanks to all those who call out the bullshit that sometimes surfaces around here. Xx
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  13. Having a relaxed Sunday.
  14. I missed working out for like four days especially in the stomach area. Like I had cakes, donuts during those days, you know fattening foods. I seriously thought I gained some. Then the first thing I did when I went to the gym was check my weight. It turned out I lost some weight compare to the last time I checked my body weight which was like 7 days ago. I just feels so sexy right now.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. My best friend came out to me and I’m really happy for him.
  17. This is so sweet <3
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  18. FINALLY my referencing has come through and I’ve been invited to my medical assessment and uniform fitting for my new job. 5 weeks until I move!

    I’m so excited I actually feel a bit anxious lmao
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  19. The hot guy from the gym message me which is like the best thing that happened to me since last week. Last week was really bad, I kinda started this week irritated because things really didn't go my way.
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  20. Did he make sure to check ID?
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