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Who is your LOONA bias?

  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

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  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Heejin (The Rabbit)


    Our first ‘girl of the month’ is Heejin, and what a happy accident that she’s also a Capricorn! Heejin reminds me a lot of Hani, in that she’s a born performer, a visual knockout, and as it so happens a big ol’ tomboy off stage. Blockberry called her ‘the most naturally talented member’ from auditions, and so it’s no surprise she was chosen to spearhead the LOONA project with her (fantastic) debut single ‘ViViD.’

    Hyunjin (The Cat)


    All the way from Japan is Hyunjin, our second girl of the month! She’s LOONA’s resident actress & visual, and a bit of a weirdo off stage. She can impersonate every kind of dog (I’m not even kidding look it up it’s a mindfuck) and even has her own made up language - ‘Hyunjinese’ - which sounds like a mix of Chinese and a small mammal having a stroke. Off stage, Hyunjin is an Nth-level savage. She will cut a bitch.

    Haseul (The Dove)


    Ah, LOONA’s mama bird! Haseul is the leader of LOONA’s first sub-unit ⅓ , and it’s no surprise the more you learn about her. She’s a stealth talent, having a great range but subtle vocal tone, a look that stands out among idols with her double lid and sharp, pointy features, and a personality that’s both bright and warm. Off stage she’s most known for the ‘Haseul Curse’. Wherever Haseul goes, she brings terrible weather, malfunctioning equipment, and semi-fatal accidents among production crew. Which she is always profusely sorry for. Queen.

    Yeojin (The Frog)


    Our loud maknae! Someone shut her up! Unlike the rest of LOONA, Yeojin has yet to appear within a sub-unit, and it's a wonder still if she will ahead of the group's twelve member debut. Third sub-unit's the charm, perhaps? A little known fact is that she is roommates with Jinsoul, who likes to send her messages through LOONA TV during promotions!

    ViVi (The Deer)


    Every good girl group needs a cyborg, right? ViVi stands out in 1/3 with her tiny face and pink hair. Off stage she’s recognized for being the lone foreigner of LOONA’s current lineup, hailing from China and studying Korean as she promotes. The other members have fun helping her learn new words, which leads to plenty of cute & funny moments on LOONA TV. ViVi’s favorite hobby is getting stoned in the back of their manager’s van, which is why she can usually be found staring blankly at the other members and bursting out laughing at basically nothing. Don't be fooled by her appearance, either - she’s the oldest of all the girls in the current lineup!​
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  3. Kim Lip (The Owl)
    Miss Lip if ya nasty. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this multi-talented queen? Her debut single ‘Eclipse’ was the catalyst for LOONA’s swelling international fanbase, and was even added to NASA’s official playlist. She is a superstar dancer, with a Mariah Carey-esque whistle register and vocal tone that sounds like it came from some far off alien planet. The woman bleeds star power and we’ll be seeing a lot of her for years to come. Off stage she’s down to earth as they come, teasing and dragging her fellow members to filth and grabbing coffee with Yeojin. We love a humble queen.

    JinSoul (The Blue Betta Fish)
    We also love a main visual! JinSoul has killed many a human being (and sometimes animal) by accidentally reciprocating eye contact. The fact she can sing and dance in any capacity is proof that God does not make all of us equal. In fact, the reason you are so ugly and talentless is because Queen Jinsoul had a running rapport with all the major deities before birth and convinced them to make her perfect. Off stage she can be found making memes from thin air & generally embarrassing herself in front of everybody.

    Choerry (The Bat)
    Choerry’s animal is a bat and her colour is purple. Bitch is not playing games. Her voice sounds like cocoa butter and her dancing is solid. Her single was my most played LOONA song of 2017! Off stage, Choerry is pure sunshine and her verging-on-derpy state of perpetual positivity is a great counterweight to Kim’s permanent resting bitch face. If ever there was a nuclear holocaust Choerry would definitely be a good companion to bring along for keeping morale up amid dwindling rations.​
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  4. Yves (The Swan?)

    As her titular debut single would imply, Yves shook things up quite a bit within the LOONA mythos. There are questions of morality and sexuality all wrapped up in her character, which makes for some compelling (addicting) theorycrafting about how exactly she fits in with the rest of the LOONAverse. She served us the single and video of the year (in my opinion) and was even engaging enough to become the stalker-ish obsession / love interest of Chuu in her video. Even off stage she’s hard to read. Camera shy, reserved, not very talkative. Everything about Yves is an enigma right now. And everyone wants to know more.

    Chuu (The Penguin?)


    A lesbian...ghost...pine tree? Chuu ends up being as mysterious as Yves! At least we can say her vocals and acting are top notch, based on her song and video. I’m completely captivated by Chuu - her very blatant homosexuality, antiquary art references, connections to Haseul and Yves. And she’s cute as a button. I’m so excited to see more from her!

    (Also her mouth is huge. I fucking love it.)​
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  5. Yay! A Loona thread! Love Cherry Motion also hit a million views last month.
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  6. Maybe include something about the general concept for the group because I still don't get it (I still bop though).
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  8. I think that @Seger's bible should be on the first page of PopJustice.
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  9. agreed! also, no worries if you don't, but i'm happy to have my Powerpoint used for this too.

    Mix and Match might be my EP of the year (K-pop or otherwise).
  10. That poor PR intern who had to come up with all this bollocks on his lunch break.
  11. [​IMG]

    Meanwhile, poor Bom is trapped in the YG dungeon after her scandal, destined to only interact with fans via Instagram Live.

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  12. This part usually gets overshadowed by the forest part and the abducting a girl part but it kills me everytime I read it.

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  13. Does it piss anybody else off that the B-sides for Yeojin and Hyunjin's single releases were vastly superior to their title tracks?

  14. Oh don't worry that didn't go unnoticed. Legends only. The artist formerly known as Prince Yeojin.
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  15. I still believe in ViVi! LOONA 2/3 FOREVER!

    And not queen Yeojin keeping it mysterious by wearing a 'wanderer' shirt in Love Cherry Motion.

    Not really since got music videos for them (shot in Japan and Taiwan).

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  16. I have to say that this extremely helpful and I enjoyed the insights to the girls. Lemme watch some of their shows to see if they deserve to be stanned by moi. But really, thanks for this boo! x
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  17. From the looks of the recent updates, Haseul is now the Loona leader, not Heejin anymore (source: Blockberry's naver page).

    Anyway, here's some random Loonaminati content for y'all.

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  18. HOO that BOP that @Rainbow Trousers posted in Random Thoughts had me searching this out and WOW what a ridiculous thing, like if H!P had lore, like jesus, whatever but THE SONGS omggggg
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  19. Bold is the better song:
    HeeJin - Vivid vs My Sunday ft HyunJin (I know it's not the actual b-side but work with me)
    HyunJin - Around You vs I’ll Be There ft. HeeJin
    HaSeul - Let Me In vs The Carol ft. HyunJin & HeeJin
    YeoJin - Kiss Later vs My Melody ft. HaSeul
    ViVi - Why was she so robbed??
    Kim Lip - Eclipse vs Twilight
    JinSoul - Singing In The Rain vs Love Letter ft. Kim Lip
    Cherry - Love Cherry Motion vs Puzzle ft. Jinsoul

    The first 4 girls were kind of...... a struggle and only saved by bits of 1/3 being good.

    The title tracks for the 2nd four girls are much stronger.
    Vivi being robbed of not getting a real b-side cause it was obvious something in the originally planned order messed up is so unfortunate when Everyday I Love You is so good and Everyday I Need You just emphasizes how good it is as a song.

    Love Cherry Motion = Everyday I Love You > Girl Front = Eclipse > Singing In The Rain >>>>>> Love & Live >> Sonatine >>>> Vivid >>> Around You >>>> Kiss Later > Let Me In
  20. Welcome to the fabulous, convoluted world of Loona. It’s quite the audiovisual treat!
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