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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 4, 2017.


Who is your LOONA bias?

  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. He


    For some reason I thought they had already finished.

    Do they hold a press conference for graduating kids? I'm so confused, kii.
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  2. This is the process

    Red Velvet Yeri, MOMOLAND Jooe & Nancy, WJSN Yeonjung, CLC Eunbin and some other girls also graduated.
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  3. Yes. There were a number of idols who graduated in Hanlim Multi Art School's class of 2018.
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  4. He


    Aw, that's so cute.

    Yeunjung's face is looking a bit different, hmmt. She looks gorgeous, though.
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  5. I’m so confused. I thought Kimberly and Chuu were already like 19 Korean age.....
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  6. He


    Maybe this performance school takes longer? That's why I was confused as well.
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  7. If BBC really skips February and we have to wait til March for Girl #12...

  8. Which means they're 18...
    They go up to grade 12, just like in the US.
  9. If we don't get the 12th girl's teaser in 10 hours, I'm convinced they're waiting til March.

  10. Aren't we getting the third unit before the twelfth girl? I assumed that meant we'd be waiting til April at least for the line-up to be complete...
  11. I won't be surprised if they do it again since that was what happened with ViVi, but I personally want the 12th girl's solo to come first before we do unit promos.
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  12. BBC keeps saything things like “once the three girls find their missing key, the garden of eden’s mysteries will be unlocked” or something.

    So I assume Girl 12 before subunit or announce it with her at the same time.
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  13. Gowon has started doing fansigns:


    Also, Vivi is 58k views from 1M and Hyunjin is 130k.

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  14. You guys should've told me this bop exists when I said all the 1/3 songs are ballads. I've been listening to it on repeat since I heard it

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  15. You've heard this, right?
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  16. Yeah I heard it in Song of the Year rate but didn't like it that much.
  17. He


    Oh my gawd yes!

    Such a bop.
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  18. He


    I know you're not a ballad brigader, nor am I though you stan Taeyeon, but try Haseul's solo, it's gorgeous.

    Edit: Listening to Let Me In or even Vivid, and then One & Only is a bit jarring. I still play the song a lot, but those "vocals" just too weak.
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