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Louisa Johnson - Best Behaviour + Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. She is so fucking abysmal that I'd rather sit and listen to Sia for 12 hours straight than stream her winners single. I'd even rather Christopher Maloney had won considering, although it was a vile one, at least he had a personality and didn't embody typical starbucks white girl that will drop a mothers day album in four months then vanish.
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  2. I think they'll go to some effort and get her the material for a good and successful first album. Whether she lasts beyond album 1 is harder to predict but she has a lot of talent and potential.

    I do think they should let her do features while they're cooking up her own material. It keeps her name in people's minds and I don't see how it could do any damage.
  3. As I wasn't one of the thirty people watching this series of the X Factor, I'm not really sure what she's all about, and by the time I have any sort of clue she'll probably be knee-deep in Syco's botched album campaign, but she looks like Lindsay Lohan and Cara Delevignge's lesbaby, so that's a good start.
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  4. It's not been confirmed, but there has been a lot of speculation about it. Clearly Syco must've bought it.
  5. You're not missing much to be honest, she has made the impossible task of making every song she performed sound the same.
    I am interested to see if she takes a different direction than what we saw on X factor.
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  6. I have a feeling that Louisa will go down Amelia Lily's path. Amelia had a similar image, but with more edge. She also had a better voice and look at what she's doing now.

    By the way, is this not similar to the I Believe I Can Fly performance?
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  7. What even are some of the delusions being posted in this thread? 'Fucking abysmal girl who will drop a mother's day album'? Amelia Lily comparisons, with her voice being noted as inferior no less?!?

    The girl is scarily talented, seems nice in person despite dull song selection on the show (and even at that she had a couple of moments which showed off decent performance potential), and is only 17. She has the look and a great voice, two key elements of a great popstar. Can we not give her at least a bit of a chance before the hyperbole?

    As for the complaints about song choice, it's not like the dreadful version of Cannonball Little Mix were saddled with provided a basis to write off their career on here did it?
  8. I think it's less about her personally, and more about that it's probably pretty likely she'll be mismanaged and struggle to find an identity in her career outside of the show, when you have acts like 4th Impact and Rolly and Polly who have a sthick that would be fun for at least an album.
  9. To me, she's just an Amelia Lily with a slightly bigger range, and Syco messed everything up with her so I don't have high hopes for Louisa.

    She doesn't seem to have the same star quality as Rihanna, Ellie, Rita and even Fleur, which is the kind of image/sound I imagine they'll be chasing - the sexy pop star.

    She might have a hit or two but I can't see her becoming one of the big pop girls in the next few years.
    That's Louis Tomlinson's for the taking.
  10. Her album is coming out in February...
  11. The mismanaged thing is entirely likely given the label and management we're talking about and their track record with females yes. I think anyone trying to make little of her voice or cite a lack of personality is going a little far at this point in her 'career'/being entirely biased.
  12. I'll eat my words if Louisa drops anything half as good as 'You Bring Me Joy' or 'Shut Up...' but she's more Tesco Mary than Leona.
  13. If Louisa['s huge yet incompetent team] manages to produce something of this calibre then I'll be very happy/impressed:

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  14. Seeing as both those songs are crap I doubt she'll struggle. And hey, getting a full album out certainly gives her a massive edge!

    Wonder whether that February thing is true. Certainly a colossal mistake if so. I think waiting the usual full year this year would be a mistake given the total lack of hype, but I think a collab or two before launching start of summer or so as others have said is the best way to push her.
  15. Well there we go then. The Bad Girls Sam Bailey treatment.
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  16. The album is out on the 26th of February, a week before Mother's Day. Sadly it looks like this is exactly what we'll be getting.
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  17. I'd say did anyone bookmark me but she has one page between what I said and proving me right
  18. I am a witness.
    Everything is too predictable with Louisa.
    She would've been better off not winning.
  19. Well one thing Louisa instantly has over Amelia aside from, the much better voice and being more likeable, is that she doesn't look like she needs a good bath. Which was always a problem with Amelia, God love her.
  20. Christ, imagine thinking to yourself that you're the new Sam Bailey when you're only 17...
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