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Louisa Johnson - Best Behaviour + Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Do you reckon they're ditching the "waiting a year for the half arsed A&R departments best efforts collection" method that only really worked for Leona? (Because the American label got involved)
  2. Dead.
    That really made me chuckle.
    Maybe Louisa was thinking that when she made that horrible face when she won.
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  3. For some reason I feel that they're going to get her a Sia-penned debut single, and an album that will be very midtempo album.
    I don't see it being a covers album, but definitely not an album that suits her age.
  4. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    If they have any sense they'll give this girl a smash hit and not palm her off with a shit album of colour by numbers beige MOR dirge because this brand is on its last legs - if the X Factor was a person it would be Amy Poehler's "I'm a cool mom" from Mean Girls, completely oblivious to how embarrassing and past it it really is. It's actually really horrible to see a pretty, talented 17 year old jump through every hoop they've thrown at her only for them to have already not even bothered with her and signed the death warrant on her career before it's even started.
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  5. It does seem a bit weird after Simon's insistence of her being ''The best ever!!!1'' that they're going to rush it out, but I suppose with ratings being so down this year they think it's better to not wait so long and have people forget her.
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  6. Cause, despite bad handling by a label, Samantha Jade is the perfect blueprint of a pop star and Louisa.... isn't.
  7. I don't understand- I think Louisa is the best winner for years; since Little Mix in fact (and I would argue that Don't Let Go aside, their growth has all happened after the show). Phenomenal voice, great looks, very charismatic (I thought that shine through in Billie Jean and Mans World). That said, if they're rushing out a Mother's Day album they're idiots - follow the Little Mix plan- single one in the summer then launch the album off the new series next year. Unless this tells us that next years series has been binned...
  8. Louisa is a fantastic winner. She's only 17 and I think she will develop more personality in years to come, as she learns more about the music industry and the artist she would like to be. Throw a few bangers at her and the hype will build up. I have faith in this girl.
  9. I wonder if this is a victim of Fleur East flopping on her arse with her album.
  10. K94


    This cannot be serious.

    Either she's doing a Birdy or this whole series was just elaborate promo.
  11. I just can't see her happening.
  12. Clearly neither do they. They already gave her the kiss of death with the 'February' release that will probably be half cover versions.
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  13. I need a Ryan Tedder ballad. Sorry, not sorry.
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  14. So does Louisa but we can't always get what we want in this world, can we?
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  15. They can't sing though
  16. I'm glad she won. I don't know who she is, and I haven't seen more than one performance, but Xtina is clearly a big influence of hers, so she deserves it.
  17. So much for the "she's gonna make 6 million next year" stories then!

    I wonder if the X Factor won't be coming back next year? If they don't have a performance on the show to launch her album with next year, it would explain why they are rushing the album out while she's still fresh in people's minds.
  18. X factor has been confirmed for next year.
    Maybe the reason is that Ben and Fluer's albums haven't done well ?
  19. Ben and Fleur's albums have done fine, does anyone even look at the sales? For people on a music forum.......

    It's about artistry, radio connections and touring life now. A quick shafted album will not help develop any of those things, and she might get a few quick albums like Joe McElderry but nobody will be calling her name out in two years if that's the case. Good on them for realising she is a personality vacuum so they need to get the album out before everyone forgets her though.
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