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Louisa Johnson - Best Behaviour + Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Unfortunately, no.

    Louisa's slow build is interesting. I can see album doing well if they keep it up.
  2. Apparently it's called Best Behaviour?
  3. She will be supporting Olly Murs on his summer tour. That's great for her.
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  4. Oh that's really good for her. But wouldn't she be better off opening for Little Mix or something? Unless they have Fleur instead. (I just can't believe they'll have a random unsigned youtuber to open some of their shows)
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  6. 2014

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    Finally but they're silly if they drop her if it doesn't do well straight away, the chart climate is so different now. Just in time for BGT promo obviously.
  7. She can promote it on The Voice Liveshows later on too. Hopefully the album will come 3-4 weeks after the single.
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  8. They won't drop her the music industry has changed so much I'm sure it will do okay
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  9. C'mon Louisa!
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  11. I really liked So Good so I'm still here for this/her. Hesitantly interested.
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  12. Really looking forward to this. So Good was exactly the kind of hit 2016 pop needed, so hopefully this'll do the same for 2017, even if it is early days.
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  13. Thoroughly looking forward to this. We've had the incredible Tears and So Good, I bet this won't disappoint.
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  14. YES so excited to hear the new single, so much potential for success for her.
  15. Just heard Best Behaviour.


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  16. I'm ready to be scalped by this!
  17. Shave your head to be safe sis.
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  18. Is it better than So Good?

    What can you say about the song?
  19. Much better, even though I love So Good.
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  20. I just really want her voice to shine through. She is a fantastic singer and people need to hear how good she is.