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Louisa Johnson - Best Behaviour + Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. I wondered when we would see the day when X Factor had its stranglehold on the Christmas #1 taken away from them. New releases on a Friday combined with the lack of interest over this series (and no one really enjoying the winners single) has jeapodised X Factor and I do feel sorry for Louisa because she's gonna be known as the one that didn't go to #1
  2. To be fair to Simon, the whole "wait a year, pretend they're writing a proper album" technique hasn't been working since Leona. So they might as well hot shot it, get some money coming in and re-release it around the new series with some new tracks and sell more.
  3. I don't know, it worked for Alexandra and Little Mix (and Ella Henderson too.) Basically, it works if people still care about the contestant which I'm not sure they would with Louisa if they waited, to be fair. Then again, a quick release didn't exactly get Sam Bailey's album flying of the shelves so I'm not sure it'll help either way.
  4. It worked very well for Alexandra. She sold a lot of albums and the campaign produced several hit singles.
  5. Sam Bailey's album sold very well considering she was pregnant, it was almost all covers and she didn't have many promo opportunitites. She really earned a second album although it was clear Syco wanted rid of her
  6. I'm sure it probably made a small profit considering how cheap it was but 150k with a re-release for a winner's album is crap whichever way you look at it.
  7. Yeah a Leona clone 5? (6?) years ago. The formula has got stale so changing the release strategy probably to try and make the music side work. The ratings have been so shit they probably can't rely on people giving a shit in 12 months time.
  8. Remember, she was allegedly on BGT last year but held back to audition on X Factor which is obviously far more successful at launching Popstars from. They've wanted her to win from before the series began, and they've probably been getting some tracks ready for her for quite a while. I'm guessing it won't take too much work to record a bunch of the tracks they've already sourced in time for February.
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  9. Being able to draw technically well does not make you an artist. She may have a 'good' voice (which I actually don't agree with, she always sounds strained to me) but there's (for me, anyway), absolutely no personality in it. She's too young right now to be able to utilise her gift in any meaningful way.
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  10. Maybe they already have an album of songs lined up for her. They have clearly planned for her to win all along (buying the Twitter name, heavily featuring her from the first week of audition shows, pulling out the stops for her live performances) so why not get the album ready too so that they can launch her when she's fresh in people's minds?
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  11. Will they have an album ready though? Yeah full of covers with maybe the odd original song included.

    'It's A Mans World' and 'I Believe I Can Fly' will be on there, that's a given.
  12. She comes across very... stage school.
  13. Is the X Factor tour not on during that time? Is February definitely confirmed? Bizarre that they'd go to such effort to get her to win and then squander her potential totally.
  14. Yeah tickets are already being sold.
  15. Surely they won't have her release an album while she's doing the tour...
  16. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    It is, but Syco is hardly renowned for its sensible decision making. Normally they sabotage the winner so they can support a runner up instead (though quite why they do that is beyond me) but from what I know there's not some underrated contestant they're likely to support instead... I've heard so little about this year that I didn't even know the names of the finalists. The show is a dying giant and if getting Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw can't attract a young audience to give a shit, nothing will.
  17. If you watched it though you'd know the ridiculous push she got. More than the likes of Fleur etc. even. Very curious (or the Feb thing isn't true).
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  18. Yeah looks like she is going to end the week under 100k and #2.

    What the hell are they thinking putting the album out in February?! I suppose it's possible that they've been sourcing songs for her over the last few months, or longer. Maybe since they decided to invite her to audition.
  19. Very possible, considering how incredibly favored she was on the live shows.
  20. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I think it depends on what their actual strategy is - if the intention is to give her a couple of obvious hits and to have her constantly releasing for a couple of years in order to build up a following then it's a great strategy that ought to succeed where many others have failed (see: Rihanna's guide to becoming a star); if it's so they can get her off their books ASAP then I wonder why they're bothering to put the show on air again next year. Nearly every year since its inception they've had at least one star emerge from the pack, it would be another death knell for the show if they fail to do that this year...