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Louisa Johnson - Best Behaviour + Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by D.Jay, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. That's why they pimped her so hard - they know they needed another successful winner, and Louisa is the one they wanted. So rushing out an album is odd.

    And then, also releasing Forever Young as the first single is too. It's the worst winner's single since Cannonball. When they get it right, they sell well. James Arthur sold a million copies and even had a hit abroad with Impossible, because it was damn good.
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  2. On what planet is Alexandra a Leona clone? Have you ever listened to Alexandra? Or Leona? Or music?
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  3. They won't put her album out in February. This is just a placeholder but the release date will change soon. I remember Alexandra's album had a very early release date as well and some trolls used that to claim she was only going to get a covers album. I think it's so they can start getting pre-orders but SYCO often put their winner's albums on Amazon and choose a bizarre release date but they are not bound in any way to this date.
  4. An album can be done in two months and be great. It has happened. Like A Prayer was recorded in two weeks. They need to A&R 2 hits plus 10 album tracks. It's not that much of a task.
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  5. K94


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  6. I suppose Alexandra is very similar to Leona in one particular respect: she isn't making hit records anymore. However, The X Factor can still give winners successful careers in other areas, especially in the West End.
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    But was it thought through, written and produced in two months?
  8. It was done in a few months, it was quick album, like most 80s albums that were not from MJ. Anyway it was example, that pop albums don't need a year.

    It's a reality winners / pop girl's debut album. She just needs to lay vocals on 12 tracks.
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  9. I don't claim to have any insider knowledge but I can't see this album being released in two months. As I said in my earlier post, this is just a random date they have chosen so they can get people to pre-order the album. It means nothing.
  10. And one of the tracks will sample an 80s pop song!
  11. Actually yes I vaguely remember something similar happening to a previous X Factor winner and they ended up pushing the album back.
  12. They're going to Sam Bailey her.
  13. I agree with @Hyp-no-tize i don't think that's the correct release date for the album, no X Factor winner (except maybe Steve, but he doesn't count) has ever released an album that quickly and especially given Louisa's obvious push and her age and obvious talent it just doesn't add up.
  14. I'm surprised it took this long for someone to say this - as soon as I saw the February date I just assumed it was a placeholder. Just because a website says an album is expected to be released that date doesn't mean it will be, just ask Rihanna (or Nicole Scherzinger).
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  15. She's sold 24,752 copies in 2 days which isn't great. Justin Bieber is already back at no 1 on iTunes. Not sure what her streaming is like, but there is speculation on Twitter that this may miss the top 5.
  16. X Factor winners singles look like they've gone the way of charity singles where no one is really caring or buying them anymore (the song itself really has to connect), Little Mix have managed to survive Cannonball and Word Up so hopefully Louisa will get over this - but as Little Mix have shown, she has to comeback with good material. Syco, pull your finger out!
  17. Sales don't really count for much now days, more people are willing to stream a song than buy it.
  18. Sales count a great deal for the X-Factor winner's single. She's had months of promo and she's been hyped to the high heavens by Cowell so I guarntee you they were expecting her to deliver with good sales.
  19. Missing the top 5 would be an embarrassment, it's not like she's a winner of The Voice. I can't see streaming being that high either.

    That said, the song is crap so no wonder. Hopefully this might make them put in a bit more effort next time (who am I kidding.) Ben's song wasn't great but at least the fact that it was a recent One Republic song actually meant that it was the sort of song that might have been a hit regardless of it being a winner's single.
  20. I wish it was the Alphaville "Forever Young" if anything, I've been playing that one a lot more this week (and Dance With Me)
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