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Louise (Redknapp)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

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  2. I’ve never been a fan of that track I’m afraid......nearly finished her solo career before it began.
  3. no
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  4. No Ruth says and a new album as she highlights her notes ,Louise also says she will be doing old hits and some new ones
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  5. OT but i'm so happy at what this thread has become, considering the first 15 pages are absolute trash can we delete them? Why was that even allowed to happen?

    Talent always wins I guess
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  6. Yes, there's nothing in the notes about an album, so she asks her and Louise does not give an answer. There is no album discussion at all.
  7. Probs Ruth on autopilot assuming that any returning singer is wanting to plug a new album.

    She could just do a Dannii and get Universal to throw out that unreleased 4th album to give the appearance of new music.
  8. SIGMA feat. Mariah's grey boob tape
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  9. She highlighted notes I think there is an album coming
  10. She was preparing to interview her. She was not highlighting album details, come on.
  11. I did not say she was highlighting album details ,I know something that I can’t say yet ,but I do think that an album is on its way
  12. Ruth mentions her doing a new album before she realises they are on air. It’s not a question, more a statement.
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  13. Louise clearly said "it's not a pop comeback".
  14. And I know something that I can’t say yet
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  15. Is it "This IS SECRETLY a pop comeback"?
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  16. No I can’t say
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  17. Being very honest in this interview it has some great pics
  18. I wonder if she had the right material if she could have a good selling album
  19. How did Martine's recent album do? I didn't hear any of it, but it got quite the promo push.