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Louise (Redknapp)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Yep and then she will write for Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell.
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  2. Sigma co-features confirmed then?
  3. The single that never was, in my opinion, was Love Will Bring You Back to My Heart. Such a soaring chorus! Bot really a bop tho.

    You could be thinking about the hit that never was Best That You Bring from the debut. Now that is a mega-bop.

    I think The Woman in Me is pretty strong. Don't Be Shy is that Donna Summer sexy banger.
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  4. She worked with Katy B? What!?
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  5. Oh I know that one!! Amazing track.
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  6. Not releasing The Best That You Bring was such a troll move. It was very (Take That) Pray though.
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  7. It even made the megamix for that album!
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  8. Currently Vibing to One Kiss From Heaven i think the album version sounds better than the single remix
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  9. Shut up & kiss me was single that never was
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  10. Alongside For Your Eyes Only (but not the bastardised Chic sampling Version)
  11. So she is playing 2 more summer festivals
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  12. Isle of Wight Festival 2018 Booking. 732C2FCF-BECC-4720-8440-A2965C38FFF6.jpeg
  13. I'm glad she got booked at the FIRO FESTIVAL.
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  14. Happy Valentines Day everyone!
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  15. Imagine going to a festival to see Manic Street Preachers.