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Mabel - Fine Line (feat. Not3s) - OUT NOW

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. kal


    But where is Fine Line??
  2. I keep misreading 'Fine Line' as 'Fine Time' and I'm like 'HA MABEL'S NEW ORDER COVER IS COMETH!'

    Then I realise it's a typo and no-one in this thread knows what New Order is, because they're all born in 1997.
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  3. Her Yazz cover would be more realistic anyway, since her and Neneh were the Nicki / Remy Ma of 1989!
  4. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    So Finders Keepers is currently in the top 30 on iTunes UK and is steadily climbing on the official chart - thrilled that this is going to be a hit for her!
  5. Did anyone catch her perform Finders Keepers on Sunday Brunch today? I couldnt find a YT link earlier.
  6. Finders Keepers is at #29 in the Official Chart!

    That came out of fucking nowhere.

    Such a bop. So deserved.
  7. Cancelled her Glasgow gig. Rat.
  8. So where’s Fine Line and the mixtape?
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  9. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Girl just keeps rocketing up on Spotify. Yas get them streams (it's finders keepers)
  10. kal


    I guess the new single is pushed back because Finders Keepers is doing well? I have mixed feelings.
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  11. Nice jump to #23 in today's midweeks. We could have a top 20 single this Friday, kids.

    I'm still boping to this regularly to be honest.

    Where did Thinking Of You peak?
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  12. Seems like the mixtape is coming soon. Mabel more or less confirmed it on Instagram live earlier this week when she said there'd be a new project dropping in the next week or so.

    She also said it was coming before Fine Line, which makes sense as there's no point releasing it now with Finders Keepers still climbing the charts (it went up to #21 this week).
  13. K94


    Has to be coming before her gig next week - didn't pay to see her again for nothing!
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  14. She did an Adidas pop up gig in London I think? I saw people complain but girls gotta eat?
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  15. Begging is out in NZ, it's great. The mixtape is dropping this Friday! Tracklist:

    1. Come Over
    2. Begging
    3. Finders Keepers
    4. Ivy
    5. Low Key
    6. Roses
    7. Weapon
    8. Passionfruit
    9. Finders Keepers (some irrelevant remix)
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  16. Her cover art has been so on point... until now. But I'm sure the contents of this "mixtape" will greatly make up for it.
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  17. Is Passionfruit a cover?
  18. kal


    YAS QUEEN. Can't wait to hear all this!
  19. IT'S GREAT.