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Mabel - Fine Line (feat. Not3s) - OUT NOW

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kal, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Figured.
  2. Ooh this is coming tonight? She's serving on that cover. Yas queen.
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  3. Just purchased this on iTunes. So excited to have new material from her! We essentially have an album now! (smiley face)
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  4. Oh wow. Finders Keepers is A-Listed on Radio 1.
  5. This is such a solid body of work. Low Key is my current fave.
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  6. The mixtape is cute but I hope she's keeping the really good stuff for the album.
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  7. I'm already obsessed. Even the Drake cover sIays....perfect choice for her. 'Roses' is the one for me right now but I'm loving everything here. This has me beyond thirsty for her album now. Hopefully she gets it out sooner than most of these newer girls manage to.
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  8. It’s shaping up to be a proper hit. Currently #23 on Spotify and still rising and about to enter Top 15 on iTunes. She deserves this.

    The mixtape is pretty decent, there’s not a song I dislike. Low Key is probably my favourite from the new ones, on first listen, but Ivy is beautiful.
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  9. Excited to dig into this tonight.
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  10. Kentish Town Forum next, I see. Not sure her stage presence is quite there yet for such a venue, but there's months to go still, I guess.
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  11. I'm trying to put together an album track list out of the 13/14 songs she has released because I'm doing nothing in work. Her real album is gonna be amazing!
  12. I have a great suggestion for the sequence:
    1. Thinking of You
    2. Thinking of You
    3. Thinking of You
    4. Thinking of You
    5. Thinking of You
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  13. Thinking of You is great but not the one good sis.

    This is actually a fun exercise (not perfect, but anyway..)

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  14. Who read your palm and told you lies?
  15. Umm yes "Thinking Of You" is THE one.

    Mixtape is cute but who does sis think she is not putting an alberm out?!
  16. This is quite good.
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  17. This is fantastic.
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  18. kal


    Come Over is a nice jam.
    Begging is a bop.
    Ivy is cool but my least favourite.
    Low Key is high key channelling Sugababes circa One Touch fused with TLC. Love this!
    Roses is beautifully subdued.
    Weapon is cute. I like the lyrics.
    Passionfruit is just perfect.

    Queen of music.
  19. Who cares about terminologies to be honest. This is an album to me - a pretty good one at that - and I’m gonna play it a lot, thank you very much.
  20. Come Back is my favorite but overall this is such a nice mixtape and has me even more perched for the album.
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