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Madonna - 14th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Music's biggest problem is it sits between two of her masterpieces, Ray Of Light and American Life.
    But I love Music, its like listening to a greatest hits album.
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  2. Ray of Light, Music, American Light, and Confessions have aged beautifully. "Music" would still be a gag if she (or anyone, really) released it this Friday.
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  3. It was the first album I bought on release day but there’s a few underwhelming tracks for me, such as Runaway Lover and Nobody’s Perfect. Then again, you have gems like Impressive Instant, Paradise and Gone; quite possibly one of her patchiest albums.
  4. From Ray of light to Confessions... Everything is great !

    Music is still ana mazing album thanks to Mirwais. No songs sound dated and his sound will never be !
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  5. From Madonna to Confessions, everything is great.
  6. Music is the most nostalgic release. I hear the intro of 'Amazing' and it's 2000 again.
  7. Whenever I think about the production of music, my mind goes straight to the hypnotic, bubbly synths that kick in after "for a while..." in American Pie. do do DO DO DO DO do do

    I know it was only a bonus track on the album but it summed up that whole era for me as a child who hadn't yet even got their hands on more than a handful of tracks by her and was FASCINATED.
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  8. Music is not only a brilliant stand-alone album but it also perfectly builds a sonic bridge between ROL and AL
  9. The intro of Amazing kinda deserves a better song. I like the song quite a bit, but that intro sounds mystical. Like some deep spiritual shit. It makes you expect something deep and profound and then you get just some basicish lyrics.