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Madonna - 14th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Probably YouTube messing up.
  2. If she's already filming a music video then that would mean the album is done yeah?
    Unless its for a stand alone single or an EP?
    I seriously doubt all this unless she's learnt to become very, very crafty at keeping secrets.
  3. I doubt she’s filmed anything relating to music.
  4. Isn't that a pretty disturbed place? Wouldn't take much from them. I doubt she's that far up in the process yet.
  5. My eyes literally bulged at this confirmation.
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  6. SCREAM. Praying it ends up better than her reuniting with Orbit.

    That said, if we get even one more I Fucked Up out of it, I'm cool.
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  7. Let me go listen to Music and American Life and shake.

    I'll need Impressive Instant 2k18, Nobody Knows Me 2k18 and a few I Deserve It-style móménts too.
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  8. HJALP
    What is the instrumental she's singing over?
  9. She confirmed she's doing multiple takes whilst recording. Already better than MDNA confirmed.
  10. I hope we will hear more of her lower register. It's beautiful. Mirwais is on board so we already know this will be quality. Amazing.
  11. Although we know their past work, we have almost no idea (or most of us don't anyway) what his work is like these days? I love Rebel Heart, but most of the producers we had an awareness of, sound-wise. Mirwais has been off the radar for years. Intrigued.
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  12. OMG.
    It’s real.
    I can’t....I....
  13. *starts a prayer circle*PLEASE, please dont let this turn out shit
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  14. MIRWAIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. RJF


    I hate her.
  16. Oh yeah! She always enjoyed the session with Mirwais. Him actually being there and taking his time, challenging her. If she brings out her lower register and chest voice more we're on for a treat.
  17. Can it be late 2019 already?
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  18. Well this is just the tonic I needed.