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Madonna - 14th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Wig (Not for Me)
  2. I do hope Mirwais would push her to do another rap verse. The rap verse on American Life has always been my guilty pleasure.
  3. Exciting. I'm really curious what this album will turn into.
  4. So that’s Billboard and Mirwais as producers and Starrah as a co-writer.
  5. This nightmare of an image has been emblazoned in my mind since I was 13 and forced to watch Threads at school!
    But back to M14!
  6. GAY COMA! Consider my wig snatched and burned! This is amazing news. I've read on a madonna forum that Mirwais is supposedly finally releasing his own new solo album later this month or next month. You think they'd pull another Production/Music tease, with Madonna doing guest vocals on one of his tracks which ends up on her solo album later?
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  7. Omg, it’s really happening isn’t it, this is so exciting
  8. OMFG, I'm shooketh! Maybe Mirwais DMed her when she complained about not finding people to work with her throughout the whole recording process. #POPJUSTICEFOROURWIGS
  9. Mirwais has been rumored since last year because M and her guitarist started following him around the same time, and he started posting throwback photos almost directly after. Plus she was at his studio in January when she was with Billboard and Starrah.

  10. @mindtrappa thank you for always finding the tea, steeping the tea, pouring the tea
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  11. What excites me most about her confirmation, together with the hints spread across Instagram posts over the past few months, is that it's become pretty clear he is playing a large role in the album's production. I'm hopeful their reunion is a little sweeter than her and Orbit's.
  12. I'm wondering how far along she is, she's been actively recording vocals ever since january this year. Placing this on a timeline does this mean a last summer or early fall release perhaps?!
  13. It’ll be Q4 if it’s this year, or her usual spring release if it’s 2019. She’s been very quiet about recording this time around, but I still think she’s been working since at least fall 2017, which is when she first mentioned how inspired she was to work on new music. She seemed pretty confident that she was going to get material out in 2018.
  14. She's not screaming 'I'm finishing a record' to me but you never know.
  15. I want it this fall. Obviously because I just want new music as soon as possible, but also because we've had spring releases for a decade now. Lets mix it up!
  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the single in late Q4 and the album in early 2019.

    Also fuck yes at the Mirwais confirmation.
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  17. The fact she performed so many American Life tracks on the Tears Of A Clown shows and obviously with the political climate these days, it always seemed the natural way forward.

    I wonder if recording has helped her escape the "boredom" she has felt in Lisbon?
  18. Yay I'm definitely ready for an AL 2.0
  19. Maybe they'll master this album with patience. I really hope she brings back Mark "Spike" Stent.
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