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Mamas Gun

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by harpospeaks, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. not one comment?hmm..i guess this means they are in trouble then!
    quite like the new single.heard it on R2.
    not spam btw-just wondered what anyone else made of them!
  2. Do you have CAPITAL LETTERS on your keyboard?
  3. YES! is there something im missing?
  4. A capital letter at the start of each sentence wouldn't go amiss, but your typing is kinda endearing.
  5. It's a tribute to e e cummings.
  6. Ah yes i forgot this place was pedantic about things like that!
    still-it did make me look up e e cummings
  7. Well that's my job done with regards to educating the masses today.
  8. My waistline isnt that big (yet!)
  9. mass-body mass.
    not particularly witty but then im not michael patrick king (your turn to go to wikipedia!)
  10. LP


    I saw them live last year..they were indeed very good.

    Very funky and very cool. A very tight band
  11. 1 actual reply.
    looks like theyre not cutting through at all.shame as i think the singers got a hell of a voice
    oh well!
  12. BUMP.

    Just downloaded a new album from this act today. It's actually a great little album. Very retro, very funky, incredibly summery. I guess it won't be a popular thing on Popjustice but still recommended!

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