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Marc Almond- General solo discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Pye, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. The problem with Marc's (solo) career is the lack of decent compilations, as he's recorded for so many different labels...the new boxset is really the first time everything (or even bits of everything) have been brought together.

    Singles 84-87 is a flawless catalogue of all his early solo, post-Mambas, singles. But after that, I'm not even sure there's a compilation which covers the 90s or the 00s. Treasure Box is a little more comprehensive, but even that stops in the mid-90s. I've spent years trying to piece together his output, and a lot of it is long OOP and expensive.

    A bit like Boy George, in some ways (but George's work is a little less pricey).
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  2. Yes, I was of a similar opinion as @Txetxu back in the 90s. I wasn't really old enough to be a first generation fan and only knew the obvious stuff like Tainted Love until the 90s. I put off going near his solo stuff as I'd seen a Record Collector magazine discography and I just thought to myself it seemed an endless, expensive road to head down. But I regret it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with just dipping in and piking up a few things as and when the mood takes you. That's basically what I did, and I've gotten a lot of his stuff now. I'm still missing some pricey OOP CDs, and my weakness is still his early solo stuff, but I know when I've got it and listened, I'll enjoy it. I enjoy most things, and to be honest, it would be a boring hobby to collect music if you just got everything all at once. It's fun to watch it all slowly come together...

    If it helps, I'd say don't get this box set as your first purchase? It's too much, you'll be overwhelmed and put off maybe. I'd simply go for a best of and a couple of key albums... Treasure Box is basically a b-sides and remixes compilation of the Virgin years and a good place to go after that... Marc And The Mambas stuff is not an easy buy anymore, sadly. There was talk of a "complete As and Bs" compilation, with a DVD of all the videos, but I think it's morphed into this box set. I still think he should basically cut this set down to a 3CD of A-sides and include a DVD, which may well be the plan. If he was to do that in the new year (the work is already done for it, basically, isn't it?) then that would be a great starter.
  3. I've just read that the boxset has lots of early 'fades', I don't like early 'fades', bad for my OCD. I think he is the most difficult popstar around in terms of getting the full back catalogue, I'm still missing loads and have almost 300 songs for him alone (not including Soft Cell) on my iTunes.
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  4. Oh really? Where?
  5. Amazon review but someone queried if they were single edits or fades?
  6. That was me doing the querying.

    Plus there's this comment from the Super Deluxe Edition article

    "A couple of initial observations (based on Spotify, though I assume it accurately represents the CD box set):

    Some slightly dodgy “2016 edits” on this, unfortunately. On disc one, Fun City, Heat, Meet Murder My Angel and Loving You, Hating Me (which is taken from the US single version, not the LP original) are all newly pruned, presumably to fit the CD. Minor for the most part (early fades, etc), though Fun City has a couple of clumsy edits.

    The singles appear present and correct for the most part, including the original version of What!, but Down In The Subway is the shorter LP version at 2’52 instead of the 3’22 seven inch, and Where The Heart Is and Numbers have both been trimmed. On the other hand, You Have appears in its superior 10″/12″ Long Version rather than the 7″ edit. Torment appears on the first set of discs as an album highlight rather than in its re-recorded 12-inch single version as part of the singles tracks. Sadly missing from this set is the Sally Timms collaboration “This House Is A House Of Troubles”, which had both a seven and twelve-inch version
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  7. This was my first-ever Marc related purchase...I was surprised at the time that it didn't sell (peaking at #58 in the UK at the end of 1986):


    It has the correct single versions for the ones missing on the new box, too. An absolutely imperial collection.
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  9. I had no idea. I worship mine like the world's rarest diamond... 99p... Anyway, the music and the artwork are still great.
  10. Oh yes, it was a total case of luck - in a charity shop with a few other Marc CD singles... it's valued much higher of course. I didn't really know what it was at the time.
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  11. Thanks to both @Eric Generic and @anfunny2003, I think I'll start with Singles 84-87, which seems a modest place to start and then I'll pick it up from that. I agree with anfunny, though, the sheer excitement of discovering a vast discography (once you're diving on it, that's it!) is incredible. I hope I will be in love with his material!
  12. Since I'm having a cold and are feeling miserable, I've decided to finally check out the tracks and albums that @anfunny2003 and @Eric Generic pointed out and I'm slowly finding myself falling for Marc's warm voice. Some of song titles are so beautiful and intriguing, for instance, Madame de la Luna or Orpheus in Red Velvet. The box set does seem a little overwhelming, but I think I'll purchase and download some individual tracks from the late 80s and early 90s to create my own playlist and take it from there.
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  13. It was tweeted about back in December. It'll be the big hits, personal favourites and one new song. There's also a Soft Cell box set (!) due later in the year. What could possibly be in that? They've milked that group dry... best ofs, album re-issues, old remix compilations, new remix compilations, reunion album, reunion live album, BBC radio sessions, two volumes of demos... ! Maybe it'll just be all of that again in one package!
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  14. He has been filming a video for a new single-the single gets premiered on Ken Bruce's Radio 2 show next Monday.Think it probably be included on the new compilation CD.

    He's doing a short UK ''Hits And Pieces'' tour in March and is recording a new album to be released in the autumn followed by an ''extensive British tour''
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  15. Tracklisting for the compilation now listed on that Amazon link (I know the tracklisting was posted in ''The Reissue Thread'' earlier today)
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  17. As @anfunny2003 has already mentioned there's a Soft Cell box currently being planned. An interview in Record Collector with Marc confirms that it's Dave's project and looks as though there's the possibility of unreleased material. Looks like it'll be next year though.
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