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Marc Almond- General solo discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Pye, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Yes, I mentioned this again recently (reissue thread, I think) as Erasure have done a remix of Bedsitter for it...
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  2. 2Cd Deluxe of the recent Hits & Pieces compilation is now £8 at Amazon. I've caved.
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  3. If you've got Prime!
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  4. Oh is it one of those Prime-Only offers? Sorry.
  5. Marc is headlining Liverpool Pride. And there was me thinking we'd get Scooch or someone of their ilk...
  6. So... new album is out on the 22nd September.

    Order details here:

    I should also mention that I'll be hosting a Marc/Soft Cell/Mambas rate soon, so I hope you'll join me in celebrating his back catalogue!
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  7. Quite like the sound of this, and the artwork is fairly smart, if basic. Of course, it looks a lot like something from the 60s, which is the point. The blue design is probably the best for me, but will have to go for the deluxe.
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  8. What a lovely day for a spot of My Hand Over My Heart. All days are of course, but what a stunning song.
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  9. Ray


    Judging by the artwork for one of the 40 deluxe editions, there is a song called "Exclusive 7-inch Vinyl Single" which is an amazing title for a song and I want to hear it immediately.
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