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Mariah Carey General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. TUNE!
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  2. The Star is out in some countries. Anyone else heard it? It is giving me 90s Disney ballad vibes. Just right for the film it's made for.
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  3. Aww that sounds great already!
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  4. Her vocal on 'The Star' sounds so natural, no trickery. I agree with the Disney feel, which is no bad thing! I love it after only one listen.
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  6. The Star is so cute, it sounds so 90's. Making me fell nostalgic.
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  7. The Star doesn't do anything for me. That new song with Busta please.
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    I really like it, it's cute and cheesy but it works considering it's for an animation soundtrack. Her voice sounds solid too, after I Don't and Infinity (I enjoyed both), it's good to have her back to just... singing. So, that's now three solid soundtrack songs she's released, When You Believe, Almost Home and The Star, Soundtrack Queen.
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  10. The Star is better than I Don't & Infinity. Dddd.
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  11. Just listened and yes, super cute. I think this could do relatively well during Christmas. I wonder if she'll include it in her Christmas shows?

    And yes, it's just great to have her back with new material.

    My 'Butterfly' vinyl arrived today... going to play it next after 'Listen Without Predjudice' vinyl ... it's beautiful!! Although are these not limited edition in Europe? The box for the number is blank lol
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  12. Cute, is how I'd describe The Star. And yes, very throwback!
  13. It'll be plonked on my Christmas playlist, but her vocals sound thinner than ever which is a worry.
  14. Still waiting for mine to arrive, but the vinyl I picked up in HMV yesterday had a number on it.

    P.S. The Star is cute. I completely forgot about I Don't.
  15. "The Star" is so darling! Mariah sounds wonderful on it.
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  16. My "Butterfly" picture disc sounds amazing!
  17. IMG_0721.JPG

    Is it a bad thing my 'Butterfly' vinyl doesn't have its limited edition number? Or does that make it rarer? Lol
  18. Mine is apparently arriving on Monday, so I'll let you know. It's probably just a mistake during pressing.
  19. I guess yours is limited indeed.
  20. I know this thread is mainly about celebrating the birth of the Marssiah and Butterfly, but Almost Home has been in my head today and forgot how incredible she sounds on it.
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