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MERRY CHRISTMAS! Day 25 - Popjustice Advent Calendar 2017

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. @Mina please don’t make me read a Lights review. I’m scared.
  2. Do you want to swap assignments then?
  3. It's not realistic.
  4. R92


    I can’t wait for y’all to read my Joanne review.
  5. [​IMG]

    nñn I hope to do the album justice and hopefully get more people to listen to it.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    think we've PM'ed everyone the album we want them to review, if not please send @NecessaryVoodoo an email of complaint thank you so much for taking part xxx
  7. [​IMG]

    We'll be ripping off @HeartSwells' format from last year's thread wholesale, and posting some bubblimg umder albums from your lists that didn't get chosen for review in between tagging you lot relentlessly to get your reviews in.
  8. RJF


    Oops I forgot.

    You will do us proud. I know it.
  10. why is this my legacy
  11. Let's take a first look at some of the potential choices that didn't get picked for review.


    Jessie Ware - Glasshouse
    Chosen by @Number

    I'll be honest, seeing Jessie's swift sashay into Radio 2 free. my. mind. MUMPOP territory has been extremely disappointing to witness and I don't think even a review from @Number would change my opinion on Glasshouse (sorry sis!). There were hints that this was where she would inevitably end up throughout Tough Love but with still enough quirks and production flourishes to keep things somewhat interesting. Glasshouse is beautiful...but it's dull.
    Maybe I should've asked @2014 to summarise this one, oops!

    Lara Fabian - Camouflage
    Chosen by @londonrain

    I'm not really familiar with Lara Fabian outside of two of her Céline-esque certified bangers recently introduced to me by @A&E (I Will Love Again and I Am Who I Am just in case you were wondering.) Camouflage is Lara's thirteenth studio album overall and her fourth in English and a quick listen through on Spotify tells me that dramatic pop with orchestral elements is the order of the day here.

    Niia - I
    Chosen by me!

    I has been a long time coming for Miss Niia Bertino. She first came to my attention via 2013's striking Robin Hannibal-produced Made For You and Generation Blue singles. A slow drip feed of singles, EPs and guest appearances elsewhere appeared. It wasn't until this year, aided once again by Hannibal, that she entered debut album territory and delivered this stunning collection of assured sultry jams.

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  12. Niia delivered a very strong album. Expect me to put it high on my 2017 album list.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    My turn!


    PART TWO (chosen by Me special ddddd)



    Chosen by: Me!

    The 5th studio album from my favourite band did not disappoint; with the rip-roaring main 2 singles The Man and Run For Cover, I knew we'd be in a treat with this one, and wow! The perfect mixture of hooks and bangers we've been used to since Hot Fuss and Brandon's salivating solo ventures, you have the melodramatic Tyson vs Douglas on one end of the scale and the emotional Have All The Songs Been Written? right on the other, it's hard to find something to dislike here. Possibly my favourite collection since their debut, it's that Wonderful Wonderful.



    Chosen by: Me!

    This quote...fuck, how wrong could I have possibly been? The Gossip front-woman completely floored me with her first full solo album, becoming one of my big surprises of the year; the title track for starters is sublime, while her shouty, almost violent vocals from her Gossip days seem to have vanished, she coolly oozes her way through some right gems here with perfect production to match. We Could Run is pop at it's finest, while In & Out and Go Baby Go are superbly infectious. If this has managed to pass you by this year, seriously check it out asap - you won't regret it.



    Chosen by: Me!

    Who'd have thought I'd be stanning Beck of all people this year? 2017 has been seriously wild, and this is an equally wild listen. Beck has become incredibly interesting and fun with his 13th (!!!) album, with title track and album opener setting the scene brilliantly - I was not prepared. I'm So Free, No Distraction and Up All Night are all varying degrees of 10/10s too, it feels so rewarding hearing someone completely let go and have some fucking fun, I really really enjoy it. And not really listening to any of his other stuff beforehand, I might just have to go exploring.....

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  14. Great Beth is getting shout out as she deserves!

    The Killers latest album is among the biggest disappointments of the year.
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  15. I'm having trouble trying to find the right angle from which to write my review.

    Maybe @ohnostalgia would volunteer to proofread it for me?
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  16. I feel like this is a trap, but sure.
  17. Let's do it then!

    (Of course I'm not anywhere near done yet...)
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  18. Just listened to the Niia album tonight for the first time. Thank you for the recommendation!