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Miley Cyrus (Sixth Studio Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MYCAL, Mar 31, 2017.


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  2. Oop *cancels my thread*

    Excited for whatever she does.
  3. My fucking fave.
  4. Here for an astounding acoustic cover of "Happy Face" as her lead single.
  5. I'm definitely perched for whatever direction.
  6. Ahhhhhh best news I heard all day!!!
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  7. Wonderful.
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  8. I'm excited. I've been craving new Miley what whatever musical direction she decides to go in should be exciting and interesting.
  9. Mike Adam also confirmed it

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  10. I have no idea what to expect, but I'm perched as hell.
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  11. I'm...excited for this? Which isn't something I thought I'd say off the back of Bangerz but Dead Petz was pretty great, so here we are.
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  12. RJF


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  15. RJF


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  17. I'm so are happy @RJF.
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  18. Thanks! Much like a Meghan Trainor release, the mere thought of this is enough to bring me out in a rash but there's nothing I like better than being bilious, so at least I can get something out of this.
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  19. How many animals did she kill for inspiration this time I wonder
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  20. Not as many as me!

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