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MisterWives - Connect The Dots (album)/Machine (single)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Apr 17, 2017.

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  2. I don't quite know what to think of this. It's like Clean Bandit singing Shakira in 2003.
  3. 'Reflections' was a really great track on their debut album, I was obsessed with it in 2015.
    I think that album could have been a bit stronger, but this track is pretty good.

    They also have another track "Oh Love" from this upcoming project that is a bit more rock and roll. Still not sure they have found 'it' yet.

    needs more shots of the bearded boys in the video though n(n)(n)
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  4. Their general sartorial aesthetic is a long long string of choices but I love love love the songs.

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  5. New track, just as fun as the former two.
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  6. Normally a title like that would have me screeching out the door, and yet, I bop.

    @Slice of Life @digitalkaiser not that ya'll don't have enough of that today already but this is kinda Paramore-y.
  7. I heard this once on the new music Friday playlist, and TOTALLY got the Paramore vibes from it.
    I do think this is shaping up to be a decent album!
  8. Okay but I love this. Thanks for tagging, babe! Lemme listen a bit more.
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  9. It's out tomorrow right? I'll give it a go. By the way, the album cover is so cool!
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  10. The album is out obviously, what are thoughts? I haven't had a chance to listen yet but am digging in today.
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  11. What a fun album. Plays nicely with the new A R I Z O N A album.
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  12. This is such a cute fun & drama-free little summer album.
    It's a bit basic in the early middle, perhaps (Revolution in particular can Get Outâ„¢), but otherwise.

    @ohnostalgia you might enjoy this! All the embeds are great sampler tracks.

    (also if anyone should want more Paramore-esque things they can saunter on over here)
  13. I've yet to listen to their newest album, but I will say that I enjoyed their first album quite a bit. It's definitely worth listening to/checking out. Reflections especially a great song from that album.

    I go through phases with the singer's voice, though. Sometimes I don't mind it and other times I find it slightly grating to my ears.
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  14. It's an okay album, I really loved 'Reflections' from the last album and nothing on here has quite topped that, but its a perfectly serviceable little summer album.

    And @LE0Night is correct, Revolution can get out. Some of the album is a bit cringey in a 'pop/punk/ska band from 2006' sort of way, but its kind of a nice throwback sound. I do like their use of horns in the band, more band's need to embrace the brass!
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  15. Getting Shakira meets Alphabeat from 'Coloring Outside The Lines'. Love it.
  16. This popped up yesterday.

    No idea what it's out for but it's really fun.
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