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MIXX Discography Rate: WINNER!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Well I would have voted but I wasn't tagged so... I'll just watch this mess unfold.
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  2. BOO.

    Although I will say that I'm extremely happy to be a double-headed Michelle Visage with my Unnie @ThighHighs.

    EDIT EDIT: I buggered up the timings with letting you actually post Deja - I'll see myself out...

  3. oh my god

    oh my god

    What a journey this rate has been. We’ve gone through the highs and the lows of MIXX’s complex, immersive sonic landscapes, which have been our home for the past two days since this rate started. We laughed, we cried, we fought, we bopped and jammed. Whew! So many memories, so much nostalgia, surprisingly minimal amounts of bad taste, another iconic @Deja-Boo rate – yes, this is PopJustice.

    So we’ve finally narrowed it down to two


    Oh Ma Mind vs. Love Is a Sudden

    But in the end...

    there can only be ONE


    ...not going to be revealed today because I already spent all of my energy on that graphic. bye x​
  4. nn sorry Squash, my internet is very slow at the moment for some reason and the picture wasn't showing up for me and I uploaded it again. Anyway, I tried to include all the voters somehow~

    sis, I only tagged the people who liked and posted in the thread before said tagging. Y'all are some snowflakes, I swear
  5. Can someone decipher who won that lipsync on the show?
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  6. Oh no, I wasn't being salty! I'm sorry it came off that way. I was just disappointed because I only open the forum once or twice a day and I completely missed the thread.

    I'm sure y'all voters will make the right choice anyway~
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  7. It's ok sis, I'm usually not serious either. And I mean you can still vote if you want to, but you'll have to hurry. Can you rate two whole songs till tomorrow?

    They both do.

    Get your life
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  8. With @ajmkv joining us, we're now up to twelve voters, and as you can imagine, I spent all day yesterday calculating the new averages and checking for changes in the overall leaderboard. Wow. But is it really work when you enjoy doing it? Yes.

    Anyway, our runner-up is...



    Oh Ma Mind

    Average score: 9.46

    Highest: 11x4 (@ryan_riot92, @Alouder98, @Squashua, @_hazzie_)
    Heathens: 7x3 (@aaronhansome, @Slice of Life, @ajmkv)


    Most of your faves can barely break a 9.4 average with their best offerings, and here are the Queens doing it with the song y’all deemed their worst. Legends. Icons. Someone call Donatella and tell her florals are out, pastels are in. MIXX is serving up a tennis themed runway, but I guess PopJustice just couldn't handle this sports gear eleganza, which isn't that surprising, since I imagine clicking this thread is probably the most exercise some of y'all including me did today.

    I’ll open the panel with highest scorer ryan_riot92, who somehow predicts the outcome of this rate despite there being so many variables. How do you do it, sis?? “I just have a feeling that “Love Is A Sudden” is gonna win the whole thing and sometimes you just gotta vote for the underdog! I mean, this is the most underrated song in their entire discography! Who knew that these girls would come for the lives of your faves like this with an R&B smash infused with shotty, nasal vocals? Yoona’s vocal runs could never.” Does this Yoona have two whole bops in her discography as well? I think not. Meanwhile, LightningRider also gets off on name dropping some irrelevants into my rate: “Top tier girl groups wished they had such mature effortless bops for their debut. Hearing this song next to the likes of Dream Girls by I.O.I was like when Noah saw the dove arrive with an olive branch after the Great Flood.” But a 10 is a 10, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    junglefish simply says, “a bop”. Good to know he’s consistent, the rest of his posting history is just as boring. Sometimes I wonder, “what’s it like to stan less talented, vocally unreliable groups with uneven discographies?” I guess I’ll just ask Alouder98, who in the meantime redeems his C-Pope hating ass by proudly giving this his only 11. “How... how do you even put into the words the phenomenon that is Oh My Mind ? when I heard this, I was just blown away. This song, to me, is the HEART of Mixx discography, both musically and contextually. And I lose my shit every single time it comes on. It is Mixx playing the Big K-Pop Girls' game and winning it in flying colors. And genuinely it's one of the best K- Pop song of the last 5 years. Enshrine this and let every song copy it from now until the end of time.” I mean, he’s not wrong, is he. No, that position is usually reserved for ajmkv, ha shambolic taste, who makes me regret waiting for him to vote. “Ehhh, it just pales in comparison,” he says, being the lowest scorer. Weren’t you the one who annihilated 2NE1's first mini in their rate? The nerve.

    Speaking of nerve, send photo gave this an 8.5, which is a good score for his faves, whoever they are, but for MIXX this is heresy. At least his commentary made me howl: “[George Takei voice]: oh ma (mind)”. ThighHighs still has a lot to learn apparently, but his taste in MIXX bops is not one of those things. “This song taught me a lot of lessons. Tennis is not baseball. A floppy disc is not cheese. A tennis ball is not an apple. The ending with the girls getting showered with gifts is an aesthetic. Kiis aside, this song is that chilled bop.” It most certainly is.

    We’ll close with 11/10 giver Squasha, who sends me a fucking essay as if I started this rate for anything other than free likes. I’m not even reading it cyst, but you do you. “As a former fat child I felt much shame for my aversion to sporting trials as a teen. I couldn't find one I could tackle with success, let alone wear my favourite multi-coloured knitwear / headband combo to. The more time I spent attempting athletic trials the less time I had for my true source of enjoyment - food. Thankfully I found MIXX and now I know it's ok to play multiple sports at once wearing whichever 90's inspired garments suit you AND eat junk food without having to forgo one for the other (except on advice from my doctor). Where else would I have found the innovative MIXX pizza where every other slice is a cream cake? Who else would have directed me to Jenga played with shortbread biscuits? My tennis prowess has increased tenfold since smashing balls into the face of baseballers, footballers and linebackers on the other side of the pitch. When will Venus? How will Serena? Who said Red Velvet invented tennis couture? Not MIXX. Now I can proudly murmur to a luscious r'n'b beat "Oh oo Ah Oh oo Ah Ah oo Oh Ma Mind" and feel a mature image than before. Take my 11 MIXX-er Theresas.” Did @Slice of Life possess you somewhere between the last two rates?

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  9. Before we move on to the big winner, let's say goodbye to the first album:


    Oh Ma Mind

    Average score: 9.46

    Highest rated song: "Oh Ma Mind" 9.46
    Lowest rated song: "Oh Ma Mind" 9.46​
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  10. Yes. But then again it might just be the sheer power of MIXX that got me like:
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  11. I really regret not taking the time to take on the difficult challenge of scoring these songs now. My scores would have changed everything, I just know it.
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  12. Holy shit an 11 of mine finally won a rate!
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  13. The right song went out first, but lord. The dragging was savage! Let me hide a bit.

    To be honest I cackled for about a minute in my true villanous fashion.
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  14. Oh Ma Mind is that nasal bop and you will respect it!
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  15. ...........................






    You all done screwed up big time ...
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  16. I... I could've sworn I embedded a larger image?? but Imma leave it like this for "comical" effect.

    Here's an unrelated Pope gif because I need to clear my bookmarks

    Winner write-up soon! Get me to the next page please
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  17. What an incredible rate. I'm sorry I couldn't participate, the amount of songs was too daunting. Thanks for being such a great host @Deja-Boo
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  18. If you haven't listened to "Oh Ma Mind" at 1.25 speed before, you should.
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  19. Awesome. I would have joined in but @ryan_riot92 just turned turned me on to these phenoms.
    And their repertoire is already almost as vast as KARD.
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