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MIXX Discography Rate: WINNER!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. we should be on the next page, love.
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  2. And the winner of the official MIXX discography rate is



    사랑은 갑자기 (Love Is a Sudden)

    Average score: 10.67 !!!

    Highest: 11x8 (@Deja-Boo, @send photo, @aaronhansome, @ThighHighs, @LightningRider, @junglefish, @Slice of Life, @ajmkv)
    Lowest aka Second Highest: 10x4 (@ryan_riot92, @Alouder98, @Squashua, @_hazzie_)

    Wow at that average, wow at this iconic rate. I’m amazing. MIXX are amazing.
    Not the queens of music suddenly grabbing the title for highest average
    ever in a PopJustice rate! Superstars. Pioneers. Global. Talent stays winning and your faves just can't take it.

    What’s remarkable is how different this single is from their debut while staying true to their signature sound. Authentic artistes! MIXX is showing the judges
    versatility, which is more than I can say for most of the members on this forum. But that’s none of my business. That high note! That unsynchronized lollipop choreography! More pastels! Queens are laying the foundation of their iconography quite well, I must say.

    We’ll start the comments with Alouder98, who shares his journey into the group’s adventurous discography; “After Mixx scalped myself and the K-Pop world bald with Oh My Mind, I was perched to see what they would comeback with, and they chose THIS. .The visuals and the song come together to create the perfect storm. I honestly don’t think it’s possible to dislike this unless you have below decent taste. Actually this was a strong contender for my 11 (such is Mixx's brilliance) and I found it impossible to pick a favourite, but i finally chose another one . And it was probably the most excruciating decision I have made in my life.” Whew, you took me there! Meanwhile, ThighHighs stans for her life, just like he should: “They truly are the queen of blissed out chill bops. This song is like a hug from a friend you haven't seen in a while. The sonic equivalent of a fleece blanket on a chilly day. Yath.” Do you need a hug, sis?

    send photo is a hipster who thinks she can take part in my rates ironically, as she gives this an 11 but not really: “Bop, loves it etc. but not really 11 worthy. I'm justifying the extra points with the zad in the video.” Though I can’t really drag, as everybody is doing this ironically... let’s just pretend I wrote some funny jab about your thirst and move on. I must applaud ryan_riot92 for actually learning the members’ names, although couldn’t you have used that time to send me some Pope commentary for the last rate? Or giving Doo Doom Chit a 10 in the 2016 rate when you gave fucking 70% of that list the full marks? Choices. “I’m kind of sad that my favorite member left but when you get a bop as fantastic as this, sometimes you just realize that it’s best to move on. My reaction when this first came out? “Wow!” Not a step behind nor a step ahead of “Oh Ma Mind” and that’s just the way it should be. These ladies have a reputation to uphold! You can’t ditch what’s already gotten them 10 fans and lifelong stans.” Do we even have ten regular posters in this subforum?

    Let’s just get Squasha’s extra commentary out of the way now, because I have a feeling the good sis wants to rival me on my attention seeking tricks, but I ain't going down that easily! “Although this can't quite compare to my 11, it's a kidnapped mannequin's head & shoulders above the other entries in this rate. Smooth chill-out grooves are only second to the level of high Fashuun on display - those deep scoop sweaters over the tartan? Those potato sack sleeved jumpers that are the conservative take on Berry Good's tassel-heavy garb? Actually i've never wanted to buy every form of winter knits from my local haberdashery more than right now. That's the power of Love is a Sudden - a sudden what you ask? We don't know, we'll never know, it's just too sudden to ever grasp. MIXX are 21st century philosophers and Plato is SHOOK.” So am I, have you seen that average?

    junglefish falls into that trap that’s common when sending commentaries, in thinking that people read them in the order they were written: “a slightly better bop than the above bop.” Girl, you’re lucky Oh Ma Mind got eliminated first, but still. What “above bop”? We’re on a new page. And we now move to LightningRider, who gets all analytical up in this gig, “It was a tough choice between this and Oh Ma Mind for my 11, but in the end Love Is a Sudden is just a stronger song. Better melodies, better vocals, better production value. It’s definitely MIXX’s best song.” Alright, but can your logic and hard facts beat feelings? What about my FEELINGS.

    For the final comment, we can witness the beginnings of a redemption arc for ajmkv and ha taste but sadly we don’t have the time. “It's actually flawless, I surprised myself when I played this on repeat. Who am I?” It's too late now to deal with existential crises, sis. Maybe in the next rate.

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  3. Excellent results! That average is nothing to be scoffed at, when will your faves ever?
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  4. Album stats:


    사랑은 갑자기 (Love Is a Sudden)

    Average score:

    Highest rated song: 사랑은 갑자기 (Love Is a Sudden) 10.67
    Lowest rated song: 사랑은 갑자기 (Love Is a Sudden) 10.67

    Overall leaderboard:

    1. 사랑은 갑자기 (Love Is a Sudden) 10.67
    2. Oh Ma Mind 9.46

    Overall average: 10.06 ​

    Some closing remarks~

    Well, here we are. Another rate finished, another discography unpacked, analysed and given its time to shine. Rating the only group with an overall average of above 10.00, we're all winners here. I don't know what the future holds for MIXX - they could disband, they could release another single which effectively doubles their discography (but I won't redo the rate because that would be just too much work), but either way all of us Matches will be here, perched for their next move. Can they beat the legendary Love is a Sudden? Can they deliver another 10+ song? Nobody knows, precious. But we're all on this train ride together.


    Thanks y'all for humouring me and taking part in this legendary~ rate. I hope to see y'all again for my BoA singles rate, coming... uh, I'm not sure, but hopefully this year. Bye! xx​
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  5. These two posts absolutely made me scream.

    Yath, challenge the very definition of "album" unnies!
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  6. This whole rate has really changed us all.

    To think, it was 5 WHOLE DAYS ago that we began this journey together. Can anyone even remember? TWICE were dominating music shows, the world was still waiting for an After School comeback, and the Broduce 101 contestants were still scandal-free (and not even revealed yet). Time flies when you're rating the discography of the Queens of Kpop!
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  7. Dodging your shade like:

  8. They just officially disbanded.

    Great work, team.
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  9. Welp

    I am @Deja-Boo and I have something to say

    K-pop rates have fucked up K-pop.

    I'm so sorry, y'all
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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  10. OH MY GOD @Deja-Boo YOU DID THAT.

    Your impacT.

    As for MIXX...

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  11. Did you know ... MIXX stood for Motivate, Impression, and XX as the female chromosome. No group will ever compare to them.

  12. @Deja-Boo stay the fuck away from Orange Caramel.
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  13. We joke, but tbh y'all can kindly shut the fuck up, because Crayon Pop's contracts expire this month and with every day that passes where there isn't any press release about renewals, my body withers more and more.

    As if they're aren't already dead, sis.
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  14. All the same I don't need you putting the nails in their coffin.
  15. At least you'd get a great, thought-out rate! Should I cancel BoA then, or are rates hosted outside this subforum not cursed?
  16. BoA is otherworldly and above curses.

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  17. I don't know if it's any concelation but MINXX will survive as a trio. Basically the Chinese company will carry on, they just dropped co-operation with Korean agency.
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  18. Should we make a list of rates we wish for @Deja-Boo to host next?
    Mine is :
    • AOA
    • Secret
    • SISTAR
    • WINNER
    • iKON
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  19. Fucking mess at you including National Girl Group SISTAR in that list, but I get it. Many people here have been wishing for legends to step off their faves' necks, but I'm afraid you'll just have to suck it up
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