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MNEK - Paradise (Out 12/07)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. I adore his voice and identify with the whole 'the world's shit let's fuck' angle but it's very mixtape-y (and not the Number 1 Angel variety).
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  2. I like him a lot, but I just don't think he's going to 'happen' unfortunately. He's definitely at his strongest working for other people.
  3. This is so classy, and his vocals are always great. It could use an extra punch, it does feel like a great album track, but I'll take it. Here for Ultra Emeniké.
  4. I'm still pissed Wrote A Song About You wasn't huge. It should've been his breakthrough hit. It was so on trend back then and it's an incredible song. I blame the shitty music video they paired it with.
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  5. I still want them to properly release "If Truth Be Told", but that's probably been locked away forever now.
  6. Now that's a bop
  7. Still his best song.
  8. I love Riton, great new track!

    I've never really felt that much excitement for MNEK himself as an artist. He is so talented and makes amazing songs, but I've never found he and his voice enough of a total package to tie everything together.
  9. I really like his voice and his songs, too. He does deserve to be huge, but then I remember Kelis and Robyn both sometimes have similar issues connecting with the GP despite their obvious talent.
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  10. I quite like this.
  11. I still think it would've made an amazing "comeback single" for Mariah or Janet.
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  12. It would've made an amazing comeback for anyone. It's so good.
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  13. God 'Wrote A Song About You' is bliss. And the extended mix is even better. It hasn't left my playlists since it was released.

    The new one is good. I wouldn't mind another EP from him.
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