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MNEK - Tongue

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Sounds like issa bop?
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  2. He's so consistent, he's one of the best singers and producers out there at the moment so I'm sure this will be good. Wrote A Song About You was massively underrated.
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  3. Can't wait!
  4. Out Wednesday? Why are songs suddenly dropping midweek out of nowhere?
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  5. Please let it be a bop!
  6. Can't wait for this (hopefully) bop!
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  7. Hopefully this one leads to an album.
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  8. Just heard 'Paradise'-- slick vocals, cool summery production- it's a slow-banger but it's great.

  9. It samples 90's classic Ultra Nate's Free. BOP! Now give us that goddamn album Uzo.
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  10. I was hoping for a much more explosive chorus. The verses are amazinggggg, but then the main hook is unexpectedly low key? I like it, though, and I'm sure I'll end up loving it after a few more plays.

    It's definitely the most interesting track he's ever put out.
  11. He's definitely released better than this but I like it. It's very nighttime driving music.
  12. Just makes me want to listen to Ultra Nate...
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  13. It's cute. Not a fan of the trappy elements.
  14. He's stale now. I think he missed his moment.
  15. Issa bop, but I'm kind of bored from his vocal phrasing. I think his productions work better on other singers, I wonder if he'll ever get an album out? It seems like his momentum has stalled quite a bit.
  16. Meh...I dozed off about halfway through. Not a patch on his better material.
  17. Uno


    I hate that overused trilling effect that's popular nowadays. It's overused and more than often doesn't work. I appreciate the sample, but makes me want to stop the song and listen to Free.
  18. It's cute but it's a bit discount Bryson Tiller.
  19. I always try and give MNEK a chance because I like some of his production but I can't get on with his voice at all, so it's another no from me.
  20. This is certainly interesting, but it's probably my least favorite of his so far.
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