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Mollie King - Singles + No Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fascination, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Me deciding how many guys to invite over for a session
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  2. Some of these titles sound like they could be from a Girls Aloud album or song. It wouldn't surprise me if she worked with Brian Higgins on a few of these tracks.

    Can't Get No Sleep
    Cross the Line - imagining Nadine adlibbing cross da liiiiiihhhhhhhne
    Escape the Blade - Control of the Knife 2.0?
    No Friend of Mine

    Waiting on the Wind sounds like she's waiting to release that uncomfortable fart.
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  3. Haven't we suffered enough.
  4. Queen of stealing sad bops.
  5. Wow my brain read those two lines together as 'I FEEL YOU INSIDE ME' and for a minute I thought her Rude Boy era was coming.

    Also, SINCE WE BROKE UP, I can breathe for the first time, Kelly Clarkson is shook.
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  6. You just know that M O L L I E is the campest thing ever. Like Go To Work and Hair Down blended into one camp anthem.
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  7. I imagine it sounding something like this.

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  8. Why am I hearing this now

    M O L L I E Y A S S S
    We flying first class, up in the sky
    Popping champagne, living my life...
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  9. I imagine it a mixture of High School Musical 3's Now Or Never and Kesha's Dinosaur.

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  10. Music
  11. EM
    EL EL

  12. Nicola passing on her flops to make more flops.

    Dance to the beat of my flop, dance to the beat of my flop!
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  13. Surely like a whale farting?
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  14. Molly gave the solo career ago and she had 2 different sounds, but the general public weren't there for it.

    Presenting or radio will be a good move and okay to her strengths.
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  15. In her defence, Back To You was good but Hair Down, sis, ears I'm so sorry sweetie.
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  16. I always have the urge to play Hair Down to everyone I know that likes The Saturdays. I showed it to my boyfriend about 2 weeks ago and he just said 'please stop, you already showed me this to me 3 months ago and I'm still trying to get past it' dddd
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  17. Back To You song and video were amazing for a debut. I like Hair Down for its dumb, loud pop. Guilty pleasure.
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  18. 8EFE316D-4FC3-4331-AB5B-46573609EFBA.png

    These aren’t Mollie Kings tracks

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  19. GCZ


    M O L L I E, the campy cheerleader-esq smash that got away

    (Assuming this is what it sounds like with a title as cheeky as this)
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  20. I just need someone to get their hands on 'Good Girl' and then I'll be happy.

    The 'Back To You' song and video were more than I could have ever asked for. Vanessa is the only Saturday whose solo music I need.
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