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Mollie King

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fascination, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Am I jumping the gun a bit?

    Officially confirmed to have signed to Island Records with her first solo single to be released in 2016. She's been recording for a while now so it's more then just hobby vocals - hopefully she doesn't go too Britney with the auto-tune and overproduction on her voice. No doubt she'll be releasing some proper pop bops.

    I'm sure somebody has a better list of people she's worked with so far then I can provide, most recently none other then Nicola "Wah Wah" Roberts.
  2. I'm happy to be proved wrong, but I just don't see her achieving anything as a soloist.
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  3. I hope she gives us a State of Mind...
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  4. I don't imagine she'll be very successful but I feel like she'll give us a great album if she gets the sound right.
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  5. She has worked with Carl Ryden and Carla Marie (used to be a part of Xenomania's writing team). Both are behind 'Not Giving Up'.

    Otherwise, we don't know much about the producers, do we?
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  6. Woah Island. That's like a real label!
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  7. Delighted for Mollie! Hope she surprises everyone with her 'bangers'!
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  8. I know I am.
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  9. Who are you
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  10. The guy who threw Leona Lewis on the street to sign Mollie King.
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  11. Why are people excited at the prospect of an Ex-Saturday solo record? Please explain it to me? She's not even the most exciting Ex-Saturday? I have so many questions.
  12. She's basically a Popjustice member making a pop record.

    I don't know if it'll be good, but I'm excited for anything by someone so unashamedly in love with pop, and what makes it pop music, and them making an album.
  13. Can't wait. She loves pop and is a maniac for it in all its glory. Hoping for at least ten good tracks.
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  14. Maybe she would release two singles before falling off the radar.
  15. Mollie King bullies Gary Barlow stans to the point of an Internet breakdown too?
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  16. I bet Mollie's going to sound like a mash-up of Britney, The Sats, Katy, and Holly Valance. I feel like Holly's electropop sound on "State of Mind" would really work for her. That album is a pretty damn good electropop album with full on bops and Mollie has the type of voice (no shade) and pop likeness for that. I feel like she could definitely give us some bops and a very fun full-on pop record.
  17. I'm so excited. The single will go Top 30 and the album will go Top 50 and that will be fucking that but I'm certain the album will be splendid.
  18. I think it's fair to say Mollie King is the most vocally-challenged popstar in the UK, so this entire album is going to be relying on production and media personality. I'm sure she'll have some bops!
  19. I too doubt she'll be very successful, but as long as there's an album, I'll have no issues. My biggest peeve are singles without a parent album, especially if they're singles from a proposed debut album - see Amelia Lily.

    I'm just excited to hear what exactly she'll do. It'll no doubt be straight forward pop, but I just hope it isn't too dancey or electronic.
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  20. The only way this is going to gain any traction is if David Gandy is half-naked in her music video.
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