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Mollie King

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fascination, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Sad to see she has (probably) been dropped. Anyways, back to reality...
  2. Back To You still has me shook to the core. That summertime melancholy I'm always needing.
  3. I dont understand why island were thinking with Back to you. Surely deserved a bit of a promo blitz and a decent radio plugger, at the very least. Just bungling the video on youtube and expecting it to get playlisted was stupid.

    It was really good. Noone was expecting that from her.
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  4. Just saw she’s no longer listed on Island’s website. The label and her team did a terrible job tbh. Did she ever do promo?
  5. As in performances? Just one at G-A-Y in which she performed Back To You and Good Girl.
  6. poor Mollie - she tries so hard...
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  7. She was always going to struggle as a solo artist without a platform to launch off like Cheryl had with X Factor.

    I'm grateful for two cracking singles that explored two very different sides of her.
  8. She had Strictly Come Dancing to help her career get off to a good start, actually didn't do anything for her music. No-one wanted to hear her songs. They just wanted to hear about her waltz and jitterbug. She wouldn't have succeeded in pop music regardless. This is no surprise. Her future is still in entertainment though...
  9. At least she'll have her Boux Avenue deal, few presenting and modelling bits here and there. Shame. I loved Hair Down and was ready for some more bops.
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  10. Oh how expected.
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  11. I really hope the remaining songs somehow surface online (from both the Xenomania and older sessions).
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  12. I'm really surprised that Island gave her a chance. I love her but she was never gonna cut it as a solo artist. It's crazy how money must have been spent. The 'Back To You' video was really glossy. Also with all of that studio time she spent recording and writing. I wonder if much will become of all of that material? Anyway, I just need 'Good Girl' and then I can die happy.
  13. I do feel bad for her but at the same time it was clear from the start she wouldn’t work as a solo artist.
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  14. They did give her a second single and it was supposed to be helped by Strictly. It didn't seem to do well at all and is still on 200,000 streams on Spotify although she didn't exactly promote it either. I feel sad for Mollie but I'm not surprised. Who knows how far ahead she was with the album being recorded.
  15. It really baffles me how much they invested in the Back To You video only to cut every single corner on her and the single launch. That video deserved the full promotional blitz. But they sent on her on a crappy radio tour... I can't imagine there was no TV that she could have done.
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  16. I love Mollie but how can you call yourself a singer if you literally perform your debut single once at a nightclub and never again, and then don't even bother to perform your second single anywhere? It's all nice sitting at a radio station and talking about it for a week or two but nobody is going to give a shit and even notice you unless you perform the hell out of it everywhere you can.

    So in her two year solo career she's performed two songs at GAY and that was it.
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  17. So, Mollie was at the Brits with Warners last night... Surely she's not got another record deal!?
  18. Might be through a publishing deal? I know that she posted a picture on Instragram from the Warner/Chapell office a while back. I haven't heard anything since then though.
  19. One single deal, a cover of Asereje.
  20. Okay but give me that song of the summer remake I now need.
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